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Brendawymms Wed 30-Oct-13 16:26:54

I can't believe it! I have just seen a young person on a horse, a fairly unsettled horse. He was on our road barely controlling it and all the time I was behind it the rider was talking on his mobile whilst trying to control the horse with the other. Is it me!

Anne58 Wed 30-Oct-13 16:50:30

Not unreasonable at all, he should be giving his full attention to maintaining safety for himself and other road users.

merlotgran Wed 30-Oct-13 18:01:05

That kind of behaviour really angers me as it gives horse riders a bad name and the majority are responsible road users. I glare and shake my head at riders who are texting as I considerately slow down and give them a wide berth as I pass.

tiggypiro Wed 30-Oct-13 18:28:29

What an utter idiot. As someone who road long distances until a few years ago, riders who display bad manners (not thanking drivers who show consideration for example) and a total disregard for their own safety just make my blood boil.

Iam64 Wed 30-Oct-13 18:37:53

I saw a similar thing, with a teen girl on a young horse the other day, and found myself thinking that mobile use on any form of transport should be illegal, as it is when driving a car. I no longer ride, but did for years. Horses are unpredictable, and are soon spooked by 'monsters' at every corner. I wouldn't want not to see horses on the roads, but agree with others who say it gets all riders a bad name. We had a beautiful horse shot near home recently. His rider was experienced, but the horse put his back end out so he could look at the monster (skip) he was passing, just as someone threw a heavy object in the skip, at the same time as a car overtook the horse, which was overtaking the skip, on a narrow road. His back leg was broken, it was dreadful for all concerned. Just when you feel drivers should show more consideration for horses, these idiots are risking their own lives, as well as those of others by not focussing on the horse. So dangerous.

Deedaa Wed 30-Oct-13 22:02:06

It's many years now since I last rode, but I can't imagine being able to concentrate on the horse, the road AND a ohone! In the days when I was riding there was a lot less traffic and people tended to be more considerate but I still had my hands full with the horse and the traffic.