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To want to sob uncontrollably at this solution?

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bluebell Sun 24-Nov-13 19:54:32

Iam64 Mon 25-Nov-13 14:27:49

Good to know so many of us share the outrage. Does anyone know which university?

bluebell Mon 25-Nov-13 15:03:03

It's guidance from Universities UK which represents nearly all universities - that's why I am sobbing!

Faye Mon 25-Nov-13 16:49:17

The UK has been giving away their citizen's rights for decades. Things like not being able to celebrate Christmas in some schools so as not to offend those of other faiths. Allowing Sharia law, whose idea was it to allow a different legal systems. Now talk of gender segregation at religious courses. Whatever next!

I can never understand how such a small country has opened it's doors to so many immigrants, what is the point exactly? It must be getting very overcrowded in some parts and the infrastructure can't keep up with the increase of people. Who is getting the benefit of a larger population?

bluebell Mon 25-Nov-13 16:59:43

Well that's the end of rational debate on this thread!

petra Mon 25-Nov-13 17:10:09

Bluebell. Was your post in response to,Faye's ( above ) ?

Aka Mon 25-Nov-13 17:15:36

Ignore BB Faye. There is room for all kinds of opinions here. I'm not sure if I totally agree with you that we have given away rights though. I think it's more a case of strangling ourselves by trying to be too democratic.

moomin Mon 25-Nov-13 17:21:30

Just read this thread - petition signed

thatbags Mon 25-Nov-13 17:32:16

stangran, I agree about the tiresomeness of being flooded with requests from avaaz to sign various petitions. However, you can unsubscribe from their emails and only go to a petition when you have seen one you really want to sign. Scan down one of their missives and you will find it in small print somewhere. Alternatively, log in and unsubscribe. That's what I've done smile

BAnanas Mon 25-Nov-13 17:52:23

We must not give in to these demands from a sub section of a religion that subscribes to a medieval way of life. "When in Rome" In this country we do not accept segregation whether it be on the grounds of sex, sexuality, race or religion. That's it! If universities submit to these demands then it is a retrograde step for all of us. Why should we turn the clock back for these people, it's taken us years to arrive at the point we are at now.

For heaven's sake will these people never stop in their avalanche of requests to change the whole structure of our society to meet their often revolting demands of a backward religious idealogy. Giving in to this would demean us as a democracy. We can't please all of the people all of the time and I don't know why there should be all this hand wringing in trying to accommodate this nonsense.

annodomini Mon 25-Nov-13 17:58:52

University leaders are giving in to Islamist extremists. I've signed and shared the petition. And Faye, I'm proud that this 'small country' doesn't have the racist immigration policies of Australia.

annodomini Mon 25-Nov-13 18:04:26

This is an effective response.

Iam64 Mon 25-Nov-13 18:11:51

Sorry I didn't realise this was to be a national thing. Another question, is it policy, or guidance? I'm off to email my MP - but is it too late, if it's already 'policy'. Shocking if so, as I have seen no debate on this. My gs is applying for uni this year, he is not a typical uni applicant and there we were, hoping he'd be going to a liberal institution.

JessM Mon 25-Nov-13 18:18:59

how can you provide segregated and unsegregated seating. This does not make sense. Thought they were supposed to be bright.
Is it policy or guidance?

Eloethan Mon 25-Nov-13 18:29:39

Watch "Utopia" by John Pilger to see how Australia treats its original inhabitants.

Faye Mon 25-Nov-13 18:46:40

I have to agree with you there annodomini. While I don't like large growing populations I am appalled at the racist immigration policies towards refugees of both the major parties in Australia. They have a large portion of the population believing that refugees are illegal. I did not vote in the recent elections for either of those parties because of their racist policies.

I believe accommodating those who want to segregate is wrong. You can include new migrants by celebrating their festivals and culture, but giving into backward ideas is giving up rights, ie the right not to be segregated.

JessM Mon 25-Nov-13 19:12:20

Faye not sure what newspapers you have been reading. Some kind of Aussie digest of the Daily Mail perhaps?
My son finds that in Australia he often gets asked "Did you come here to get away from The Immigrants" (irony free zone it seems)
And in WA many people are convinced that British people are smelly immigrants. As an Indian immigrant said in surprised tones to my son "You're not smelly although you're a Pom"
Meanwhile the life expectancy of indigenous Australians is 20 years less than white Australians.
aka I don't think it is in the spirit of debate to suggest that someone ignores another member's arguments.

janeainsworth Mon 25-Nov-13 19:17:34

Signed and shared on FB

gracesmum Mon 25-Nov-13 19:39:38

I am not usually an advocate of government intervention, but I think France has taken a lead in banning the burka and (I think) headscarves. I would assume that sends a firm message to islamists that this is their country and furthermore a secular state. If our universities are to sanction this sort of rubbish what hope is there for integration at any level? Were I to be lecturing in a university practising segregation either as a member of staff or a guest lecturerI would like to think I would refuse pointblank to go along with it. What price equality?

Ana Mon 25-Nov-13 20:02:04

Jess, I think Aka was advising Faye to pay no attention to bluebell's post of 16.59, not her arguments.

Faye Mon 25-Nov-13 20:09:10

JessM you are very insulting. Do you not think I know the conditions of those Aboriginal people living in outback communities. I live in this country and I have also lived twice in the UK. Having recently read of a child dying of starvation and neglect and no one helped him you certainly don't the moral high ground. Racism and also neglect of children happens in both countries and there should be no reason for it. We are not third world countries, and both seem to be going backwards.

Your son sounds unhappy living in Australia.

What exactly was bluebell's argument JessM?

agile75 Mon 25-Nov-13 20:18:51

what was wrong with the 50 and 60ies
There was full employment with double time if you were asked to work sundays and time and a half for saturdays ,no need for the benefit chasers.
the population was significantly smaller with record numbers of Council housing.
Couples got married before they started a family and took responsibility for their kids.
The liberal wing need to stop and think before waving their banners

janeainsworth Mon 25-Nov-13 20:30:10

I'm not sure that attempting to decide which is the worse country, Australia or Britain, is either helpful or relevant.

bluebell Mon 25-Nov-13 21:19:31

I can speak for myself - I thought your post Faye was not rational
nor logical given the point at issue - giving away rights for decades, Sharia law all over the place, a rant about immigration

Faye Mon 25-Nov-13 21:31:37

If you say so bluebell. smile

annodomini Mon 25-Nov-13 21:46:29

agile75, you might like to ponder what happened to the plentiful council housing of the 1960s. Margaret Thatcher happened. She promoted the sell-off of these properties, leaving no replacements. Councils were not allowed to use the revenues from sales to build new housing. A thriving construction industry is now in decline when there are many families in need of homes. I could also mention that Thatcher's policy of 'selling off the family silver' has led to a significant proportion of our utilities and our train companies ending up in the hands of foreign companies. So don't be so quick to accuse the 'liberal wing' of waving banners, please.