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To expect a little common sense

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tiggypiro Sat 14-Dec-13 14:21:33

The 'not nice' neighbour has had a ladder out to put his lights up and has been to tell me that the down pipe from my gutter (and attached to my house) is blocked with leaves. As his gutter also goes into it why didn't he just clean it out ??

Elegran Sat 14-Dec-13 14:30:47

Suitable reply, "It's your downpipe too, so we can share the work. I'll steady the ladder while you can go up and clean it out"

sunseeker Sat 14-Dec-13 14:32:52

As he was already up the ladder I can't see why he didn't just clean it out!

I have had my neighbours cut my hedge, clear my driveway of snow and help bring logs up to the house from the bottom of the garden - all without being asked or expecting anything in return. (I do keep an eye on their houses when they are away and always take in a bottle at Christmas)

kittylester Sat 14-Dec-13 14:34:49

Suggest he clears it out when he takes the lights down, with you holding the ladder, and hope there is not too much rain or snow before 6th January.

Anne58 Sat 14-Dec-13 14:41:21

What an awful attitude! Why on earth did he not just do it while he was up there?

Galen Sat 14-Dec-13 14:54:57

Him next door has the same attitude with regard to the shared down pipe which comes down on my side!

Gagagran Sat 14-Dec-13 15:11:36

Tell him it's his leaves blocking it so you'd be grateful if he could clear them out!

tiggypiro Sat 14-Dec-13 16:17:15

All good replies if he was in any way reasonable ! I now call him 'That Th*****g B*****d and have had 2 'run-ins' with him this week as he asked me why I was not being friendly. I listed his known thefts (my land and plants, mile post from the side of the road, tree which had fallen in the wind and then yet more sawn up logs )and he was not too pleased so now I keep as much distance as possible. I have kept my council for quite some time but this week I blew !!
His house is on the market so lets hope it sells fast !! Everyone else round here are lovely.

LizG Sat 14-Dec-13 16:35:15

Isn't one of the questions asked at house sale: 'have you had any ongoing problems with your neighbours' (or something like) perhaps he should be careful to keep you sweet?

tiggypiro Sat 14-Dec-13 16:48:46

I think he is LizG but he hasn't got a problem with the neighbours as much as the neighbours having a problem with him and we wouldn't want anything which would prevent a sale !

LizG Sat 14-Dec-13 16:59:58

I had a feeling that would be the case but it does sound as though you are not alone with this problem and your other neighbours feel the same.

glammanana Sat 14-Dec-13 17:23:28

tiggypiro I feel the cause for a neighbourly celebration when the removal van arrives will be the order of the day.tchgrin

Deedaa Sat 14-Dec-13 20:55:12

My neighbour always kindly brings my bin back for me. I keep trying to beat her to it as she's still walking with a stick after having a lump cut out of her leg!