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AIBU..... I'm upset.

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AlieOxon Thu 19-Dec-13 18:26:06

To expect that my builders - who have admittedly put up some pretty good guttering - to actually STOP the leaks in the passage at the side of my house?
The first time they didn't do all I asked, ie put another layer of flashing over the old lot. This time they came back today and went at it again and apparently did put a second layer on, and as soon as it started raining this evening, the leaks were back.
The frustrating thing is that I can't see what they did. I would have to get up a ladder and I can't, so I don't know if it was properly done.....

And he was trying to tell me it could be condensation. Condensation that appears only when it rains? I don't think so.

I shal phone him when I have calmed down, but at the moment I an FUMING.

Mishap Thu 19-Dec-13 18:41:24

Builders can be such bane - no wonder you are irritated.

We are very lucky to have a brilliant builder in the village who cannot afford to do a bad job as the bulk of his jobs are local and if he got a bad name he would be sunk.

Can you use that for leverage? - say you cannot possibly recommend them if they do not do a proper job. A lot of builders rely on word of mouth to get their business.

Leaks are impossible because of the way water tracks - we had no end of trouble with a leaking balcony door and no-one could solve it - it took years to get it sorted!

AlieOxon Thu 19-Dec-13 18:54:19

I am beginning to wish that we never took the previous passage roof down!
(Why - because a Guy Fawkes rocket went straight through it leaving a 3 inch hole.)

Then the new roof was put on hold for ages.....half done....
This has dragged on for about three years now as my gutters needed fixing because of next door's neglect, which I have ranted about somewhere else here - finally decided to get mine done and divided from I asked the builders to fix the leak too.

Now it is actually worse than it was a month ago!
No WAY can it be condensation.
Still fuming.
Have texted a man I know who is a council surveyer...looking for advice. Never can get him on the phone.

sunseeker Thu 19-Dec-13 18:56:28

Leaks are difficult to sort out - but a good builder shouldn't try to tell you its condensation! My DH was a builder and if he was called in to sort out a leak would not leave until he had played a hose pipe on the area to make sure the leak was fixed.

AlieOxon Thu 19-Dec-13 20:20:22

It has now occurred to me that the only way I can see the roof is via the bathroom window, in the morning.
I think I will ring him then and say, come and see it - if it is wet it will be leaking and if it is dry I will get him to use my hose on it!

AlieOxon Fri 20-Dec-13 12:21:04

I will tell him, but my day is now taken up by doctors - spoke to my GP and I have an appt for this afternoon - flareup of colitis which is of course stress related......not great for the last fortnight.
And I am supposed to ring the colitis phone line for this, but how she thinks I can wait for them to ring back and go to the appt......?

Mishap Fri 20-Dec-13 12:30:45

We need a "stem coming out of ears" icon!

Sympathise with the gut problems - too much stress! Hope your appointment goes well.

soop Fri 20-Dec-13 12:33:16

Alie I sympathise with you. Do hope that matters get sorted soon.

AlieOxon Fri 20-Dec-13 13:56:33

Thanks folks. Appreciated.
Now washed and ready for appt, but mustn't forget to take pills before I go, and take library books - and shop after.....arrgh.

Definitely steaming.
I managed to have a long chat with my daughter though (she has been up to the ears recently) and it cheered me a bit.

AlieOxon Sat 21-Dec-13 14:21:57

Now on steroids again.

I shall say to the gutter man - come and see this when you are rained off work next week. I want him to see what happens when it rains.

glammanana Sat 21-Dec-13 16:05:04

Is there anyway that the leak can be from next door's problem do they have a build up of leaves and junk in their guttering that needs moving ? oh what a pain and as the weather gets worse there is more chance the builders will be unable to use ladders due to that "elf & safety" man tchhmm best of luck and I know it's difficult but try to relax flowers

AlieOxon Sat 21-Dec-13 18:00:38

(The steroids have cheered me! A better day.)

The way that next door's neglect has affected my gutters was that mine got overloaded because their downpipe was blocked. And therefore got into a very bad condition while I have been being ill.

But the leak in the passage is an entirely separate issue and a separate, lower gutter on my side......

I've texted the man but no answer yet.

AlieOxon Mon 23-Dec-13 12:34:40

Gutter man has just been and actually SEEN the leaks in action. He is not saying condensation any more! He doesn't know what to do with it though...

soop Mon 23-Dec-13 12:39:35

Alie flowers sunshine

ffinnochio Mon 23-Dec-13 13:03:30

Alie Nothing worse than a leaking roof! We have a very old tiled roof of terracotta, which has lots of moss. It leaks if the rain (and wind) is in the wrong direction. Has us jumping out of bed at night to place receptacles in the right spot - different every time!
You have my sympathy!

AlieOxon Thu 26-Dec-13 20:16:45

Thanks folks.
Everything now being left until after the holiday.
What I feel like doing is asking him for a small refund for that bit, and maybe going for asking the man who did lead flashing on my neighbour's similar passage roof - only she is still away. I think he is more of a specialist.

But I don't understand how they've made it worse!!!