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To expect better then this from Orange?

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Anne58 Thu 09-Jan-14 18:05:46

Due to current circumstances, my direct debit to orange wasn't paid.

I was trying to connect to voicemail because someone emailed to say he had left me a message inviting me to contact him to arrange an interview.

Couldn't get the voicemail because Orange have sort of disconnected me. Phoned one of their 08 something numbers, after going through the security questions, NO I can't remember my password, NO off the top of my head I can't remember exactly when I took the contract out, I know my shoe size and IQ if that helps? chap said I needed to ring a mobile number, Don't want to do that from my landline due to cost.

Mobile signal is very bad, I have to stand in the street to hold a conversation.

I didn't really want the neighbours to hear, but needs must etc.

After the usual press this for that, then that for this, double it and subtract the number you first thought of, spin round three times and whistle Rule Britannia through your backside, get a message saying how Orange are committed to excellence in customer service, which is nice.

Then get a message saying that all their people are busy helping others, (nice again, good to know that they are not just sitting there playing angry birds, whatsit candy etc) but of course my call is important to them, (very reassuring, so nice to know that someone cares) and that if I wanted to hold on, someone should be with me within FORTY FIVE MINUTES angry

Kiora Thu 09-Jan-14 18:23:15

Brrr and it's cold out there hope you manage. We get no mobile signal here. It has it's advantages but frustrations too.

Anne58 Thu 09-Jan-14 19:20:51

Just tried to contact them via the live chat thing on the website, but guess what? it's not working at the moment!

Lona Thu 09-Jan-14 20:05:39

Are you sure it wasn't 'four to five' minutes phoenix? I can't believe they would admit to forty five minutes shock

Anne58 Thu 09-Jan-14 23:22:25

No Lona when I first tried it was 20 minutes, and I thought bugger that for a game of soldiers, went indoors had a coffee, came out to try again and it was definitely 45!

Can you imagine what that would cost if I did it from my land line! shock

grannyactivist Thu 09-Jan-14 23:46:28

Phoenix when I last phoned Orange I waited more than fifty minutes for a reply before I finally got through to their call centre in India and when I (gently) blasted off about the time I had been kept waiting was informed that I should think myself luck ONLY to have waited that long! You couldn't make it up!!

Anne58 Fri 10-Jan-14 13:31:53

Thanks ga I was beginning to think that perhaps I had got it wrong!

Thank heavens I'm with PlusNet for our broadband, they are much easier to deal with!

Stansgran Fri 10-Jan-14 14:27:21

They were a nightmare when I washed DH's phone. He wanted to keep the number and have the same phone again. Possible at carphone warehouse with orange but not at the orange shop with orange.