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polkadotgran Tue 11-Mar-14 18:42:47

My daughter has just had her 20 week scan and has been told that the placenta is lying low so could be looking at a section. She had a section with her first little boy but has now only been told horror stories about severe bleeding, hysterectomy etc with the placenta lying where it is. I just wondered if any other grans had experience of this with a better outcome than those that she is reading. A worried mum and granny

Deedaa Tue 11-Mar-14 19:07:09

My daughter's best friend had this with her first pregnancy. She ended up with several months total bed rest and a C section. It was all a bit of a nightmare at the time, the baby was early and she was lucky not to bleed to death, but they both Survived and she went on to have a perfectly normal second pregnancy, although she found it very strange to be able to do things like gardening instead of lying in hospital.
I think the secret is knowing about it early on and being able to plan ahead. DD's friend was in the USA so I don't know if that made any difference to her treatment - apart from the worry of paying for it all!
It's a worry, but forewarned is forearmed and I have rather more faith in our hospitals than I do in some of the american ones I have read about.

Mishap Tue 11-Mar-14 19:07:55

The most important thing here is that it has been picked up early and all the proper steps can now be taken to ensure the safety of Mum and baby. It used to be a dangerous thing years ago when it usually went undiagnosed because there were no scans. It is a good thing that it is 2014 and that modern medicine is there for them.

Brendawymms Tue 11-Mar-14 19:08:25

Sometimes the placenta moves up as the pregnancy progresses. Keep your fingers crossed. The important thing is that the concern has been identified and will be managed.

JessM Tue 11-Mar-14 19:13:58

People like to share frightening stories don't they. Rather than boring ones in which everything turned out OK. Best not to trawl the internet for these.
I'm sure now that the issue has been identified they will keep a close eye on the placenta via scans. The problems mostly occur I think once labour starts so I expect they will book her in for a section at about 38 - 39 weeks. I think the more scary scenario is when they don't know there is an issue and the first sign is the mother starting to bleed and then does not get to the hospital quickly. This happened to Prince Andrew's wife I believe when she had her daughter.

Nelliemoser Tue 11-Mar-14 19:18:27

My DD was warned that hers was rather low but that it can move upwards as pregnancy progresses. In the end it did not cause any problems. It is far better they know that it might be an issue early on it as it can be monitored. Yes! I had started getting worried as well.

polkadotgran Tue 11-Mar-14 22:37:47

Thanks for all your replies and yes at least she is being closely monitored. Fingers crossed that it moves back to where it should be. Will let you all know how it progresses.

aggie Tue 11-Mar-14 23:59:18

My daughter was scared by this as well , but the Placenta moved up and she had a normal home birth with no complications . The best thing is that your Daughter will be well scanned and watched , a C Section isn't the end of the world , these days Mum and baby are home in a few days

polkadotgran Wed 12-Mar-14 06:55:04

I know we are probably worrying too soon and will wait and see what the next scan shows. She has overcome cancer as well so feel more than likely overprotective.