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To be cross I have sick patients and only 2 staff

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Ashmore32 Fri 28-Mar-14 14:32:14

including me...the NHS is going to hell in a hand basket and where are the managers who keep telling everyone how marvellous we are....when we need help. I remember when the Oo'er Matron would roll up her sleeves and help!
Catching a quick coffee before the earlies go home.....
I can hear a Certain Sr Burke from the good old days saying get back bone nurse! retort would be send me a time machine.....

Charleygirl Fri 28-Mar-14 15:52:28

Ashmore 32 I was in hospital last year having my knee replaced in an internationally famous hospital and the staff were tripping over each other during the day. A different story at night. An 18 bedded ward of mainly hips and knees and a minimum of 8 on during the day, most of them trained. At night 2 trained staff and one HCA.

granjura Fri 28-Mar-14 22:07:17

This is awful to hear Ashmore- take care... of yourself too.

When OH went into hospital last year, there was one nurse per patient (in Bern hospital) he could not believe it.

rosequartz Fri 28-Mar-14 22:15:01

DN works nights at weekends and she and her colleagues were being coerced into working days as well by a new young manager. And some who work days were being told they would need to work nights sometimes. Why?

Ashmore32 Fri 28-Mar-14 22:59:22

If I was worried about it enough I would change my job, but it's addictive in a strange sort of way....Since 1982 I have always worked in areas that have some or all staff on internal rotation to nights. The best ones were 7 on 7 off. By the time you got to Wednesday your sleep pattern was set and I often would work a few extra, which paid for my driving lessons. Or Take a weeks holidays on the end and get a 2 week break!
This 2 and 3 night rotas is criminal. It's unhealthy too. Occ health shouldbe more proactive! The whole thing about family friendly too. Hospitals are two faced through and through.,while the wards need to be safely covered, if night workers or Day workers knew they would not be asked to work shifts they couldn't then they would attract more staff. I don't mind the odd night but I can only do one at a time or a whole week. The rules about switching from nights to days is abused, not using sleep days as days off and expecting a turn around say N on Monday and back on an early on Wednesday. I love my job and could probably do it in my sleep, but just because I could doesn't make it right. We have only had one staff out of 6 replaced since I started on my current ward. Yet if a manager leaves, the post is filled seamlessly.
To add insult to injury, the night staff turned up late, public transport issues....just as well as we were so busy we nearly forgot the tea time drug round :0(
Never mind now I have 2 days off, we need a games thread as sad as it is doing the songs games it is surprising how it takes my mind of all my trivialities for a few moments.....

Ashmore32 Fri 28-Mar-14 22:59:48

Thank you for your concerns...x

Ana Fri 28-Mar-14 23:03:14

You can start any thread you like, Ashmore32! (Although I think if it's alphabetical games we might get stuck quite soon...grin)

Ashmore32 Fri 28-Mar-14 23:30:52

I will have to think of the ones which lasted a while on Lab forums...kept me amused for a while..