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Nuisance Telephone Calls...again!

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mollie Mon 31-Mar-14 17:57:48

I say 'again' because I expect it's all been said before but this is my rant...

Yesterday the phone rang as I was making dinner. It was Sky Loyal Customer Department ... on a Sunday! I gave the poor girl short shrift for calling on a Sunday and put the phone down. Aren't we entitled one day free from pestering?

I was pondering this this morning, remembering a piece on the local evening news about these nuisance calls, and decided that next time I wouldn't let the call go to answerphone (our usual tactic with all unidentifiable calls) but would politely insist the caller deleted my number from their list or face an official complaint if they dared ring again. Five minutes later I had my first opportunity ... one of those recorded messages that ask you to press 2 for an operator. I pressed 2 and a human voice came on the line. The poor man must have thought his luck was in but when I firmly began to make my case he slammed the phone down on me!

Well, that's one down ... with lots to go no doubt!

Elegran Sun 24-Aug-14 15:33:27

I believe that if you have specifically sked them not to phone you again, they are breaking the law if they do. Anything less than a definite demand to stop is taken as a "possible", so don't mince your words. You do NOT want any more phone calls from them, and if you receive any, you will report their organisation to the Office of Fair Trading. Said politely but firmly.

When a number is withheld, you can't ban it, but if you speak to a human being they should pass on your request to be removed from their list. Recorded messages can't be interrupted, but they should have a "press X to be removed" choice, and taking a note of the name of the organisation calling should give you something to report to the Office of Fair Trading.