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To be cross with this driver?

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DebnCreme Fri 18-Apr-14 18:08:24

I rather suspect I am.

I was walking my lurcher dog Tinker just now and decided to hand deliver an Easter card at the same time so we were not on our usual route. Tinker - bless her - decided to use a small patch of grass for a poo. I grabbed for my plastic bag and at that moment a motorist pulled away from the side of the road and yelled out of his window 'pick it up!'. All I could do was wave my plastic bag at him as he sped off.

Being a law abiding, sensible, caring dog owner, I have never, knowingly, ignored mess left by any of my dogs. Why could this man not have checked to see what was happening before yelling at me.

Sorry it is yet another 'dog poo' story tbublush but I'm all put out and discumnockerated.

FlicketyB Fri 18-Apr-14 19:39:44

DebnCreme, I know exactly what you mean, I have had that kind of thing happen to me and it is unsettling.

granjura Fri 18-Apr-14 19:57:38

Like you, I always have bags to pick up after the dogs, and would not ever leave a mess behind. But sadly, just too many dog owners do not care - and I can understand why many people get truly fed up with this. It is of course much worse in France!

Soutra Fri 18-Apr-14 20:19:48

Pity you couldn't have lobbed it through his open window ( tied up of course) !!

Ana Fri 18-Apr-14 20:22:04

There's nothing worse than being falsely accused - especially prematurely! sad

DebnCreme Sat 19-Apr-14 00:38:41

Thank you all for calming me down. Soutra your response made me laugh; oh I wish!

Eloethan Sat 19-Apr-14 00:49:19

Deb Exactly the same thing happened to me a couple of months ago. I was just about to take out my little black plastic bag when a man shouted very loudly and aggressively from a van "pick it up"! Very annoying.

Slightly differently, a driver stopped at a zebra crossing and I crossed. Usually, I would acknowledge this but I had the dog's lead in one hand and a shopping bag in the other. As he drew away, he shouted "What about a thank you". It is compulsory for a driver to stop when someone is waiting to cross at a zebra crossing - on a driving test, a failure to stop would mean a failed test - and yet some drivers seem not to understand this.