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Nelliemoser Sun 18-May-14 14:17:22

Oh Dear! DD is waiting to get DGS's first passport as they are going away in June or July. I think Liverpool is probably their most accessible from South Yorkshire. I hope she gets organised in time. This has been partly delayed by DD needing to get her own passport updated to her married name before getting DGS's done.

Bez Sun 18-May-14 12:16:52

My son and his wife are renewing their passports from USA - sent them away more than two months ago and emails appear to generate a standard response. Friday DiL rang Durham 415 times without getting anyone to answer the phone. She should be travelling to UK in about three weeks with the boys. DS passport arrived Thursday and Murphy's Law - he is not coming this year! We are just hoping her one shows up this week. It cost hem $500 for the passports
I learn from UK friends here in France that their passports are also taking months to appear. We need to renew both our passports within the next year so think we will pay for a very quick turnaround when we next visit UK.

whenim64 Sun 18-May-14 11:33:21

My nephew and his wife have had tremendous problems with Liverpool passport office and they only live 50 miles away. They have booked an appointment to go to Liverpool tomorrow and get their passports, as they are going to a wedding in Italy on Friday. They applied for replacements three months ago. Apparently the log jam is not clearing. Hope it gets resolved soon.

janeainsworth Sun 18-May-14 11:31:37

If it's already been processed, why can't they just send it to her anywayconfused
How stressful for you marmight, commiserations.
Can you intervene on her behalf and ask to speak to some very senior person in the Liverpool passport office? It sounds as though some jobsworth is being obstructive sad

Marmight Sun 18-May-14 10:38:02

in expecting DD's renewed passport to be delivered in the time stated? She lives in Australia but still uses her UK passport. She is due to fly to the UK in 2 weeks time for a long awaited but short visit with her youngest child. The British Consulate in Canberra no longer deals with renewing passports so she had to send it back to Liverpool of all places and was told it would take 4/6 weeks. On contacting the office to check its progress she was told it could take up to 9 weeks and as it had already been processed it could not be retrieved for fast tracking. They could, however, return it to her and she could then fast track it back to the UK - in 13 days?? She now has to acquire emergency paperwork from the Consulate in Sydney at a further cost off $200. If she can't travel on time, I will be out of pocket to the tune of £1000 for a house we are renting close to family in Berkshire for the duration of her visit. I wonder if my travel insurance will cover this? Any ideas.......perhaps I could send the bill to HM Passport Office hmm