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Knitting bottle tops hat for innocent/age net local

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Nelliemoser Wed 23-Jul-14 23:47:08

AIBU about this? It seems a pointless exercise to me when theses resources could be put to better use.
Nelliemoser Wed 23-Jul-14 23:37:17

Forgive me for sounding thick, but what is the purpose of knitting bottle tops for a branded product Innocent drinks.

If that company just want to support Age UK why not just give them money from their profits?

Then knitters could do something really useful with their spare time and spare yarn by knitting useful garments instead of useless novelties.

Or just by knitting good warm clothes hats or scarves for the homeless or elderly of Newcastle on Tyne.

If anyone has a sensible explanation of what the company does with knitted bottle covers please let me know.
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janeainsworth Thu 24-Jul-14 00:06:37

Agree Nellie

I suspect that Innocent, with their donation to Age UK for every hat knitted, are doing some damage limitation to their image - it can't have escaped their notice that research has shown that sugars in smoothies are just as harmful to health as sugar in coca-cola, and that the newspapers in their inimitable style are making people aware of this.

Cynical? Moi? grin

harrigran Thu 24-Jul-14 10:35:42

I agree Nellie, useless novelties. I have downloaded the knitting pattern for blanket squares, much more worthwhile.

Eloethan Thu 24-Jul-14 16:21:18

Innocent is now part of the Coca Cola company and I suspect it's just a big marketing exercise. I agree nelliemoser - a total waste of time and effort.

sara4 Thu 24-Jul-14 20:18:00

Our U3A and various knitting groups plus lots of individual knitters made over 1,000 vest/jumpers for the 'fish and chip' babies. These babies would have been wrapped in newspaper as new borns. I think the vests were sent to Africa. That was worth while, but hats for Smoothies I don't see the point either. I think they did the same thing last year.