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To expect kitchen suppliers and double glazing companies to have price lists?

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FlicketyB Tue 02-Sep-14 12:50:02

After 20 years my kitchen units are beginning to look the worse for wear and I have been looking at new ones (online) and it seems to be impossible to find a kitchen supplier that lines up all the different size cabinets and gives you a price per cabinet for every range of units so that you can price what the kitchen you might like will cost. It is all designer visits, overall prices and special offers. Double glazing companies are even worse.

When we had new windows in France the estimator came round measured each window, discussed hinges, handles, glazing bars and types of glass and then gave us an itemised quote for each window. We could see exactly what we were paying for and the price was standard and non-negotiable, no special offers, no discounts for signing immediately.The quote held for about three months, so we had time to think about it before committing ourselves. It was such an easy and enjoyable way to shop.

Charleygirl Tue 02-Sep-14 13:55:27

I agree FlicketyB, I was almost shocked when I invited a local double glazing company to measure 2 windows etc. acouple of years ago. Their price was non negotiable and I was not hassled or forced to sign on the day for a discount.

I am also thinking of replacing my kitchen units etc. but the thought of the hassle does put me off.

Wheniwasyourage Tue 02-Sep-14 17:36:51

Yes of course YABU. How else are they going to be able to get you to the point where you lose the will to live and they can fleece you? grin

GreatauntieLinda Tue 02-Sep-14 21:30:23

You should try finding a price for a stair lift. I have had my eyes opened. For the same straight stair lift prices for a reconditioned lift ranged from £750 to £2100. I am only pleased I am of an age where I know where I am going, God help the more elderly and alone. Please don't quote Age UK because I found their recommended installer one of the worst.

Bez Tue 02-Sep-14 22:24:53

You should be able to see the prices exactly on the Ikea site and do a 3D plan which you can look at from any angle.

Charleygirl Wed 03-Sep-14 11:58:56

GreatauntieLinda it is not the buying of the stairlift, it is the servicing or worse if something goes wrong and one needs a service engineer the same day. The prices are mind boggling and at times, a few hundred pounds more and a new stairlift could be installed.

GreatauntieLinda Wed 03-Sep-14 13:06:45

I decided to go with a new Brooks stairlift with a three year warranty. Its a local company and they offer 24 hour cover if needed. Their price which includes a split and hinged rail was less than a reconditioned model from the manufacturers. Its to be installed on Friday afternoon. DH will be able to get downstairs (gout permitting) once installed.