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Accidental trendiness?

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Jane10 Sat 06-Sep-14 10:03:00

I was reading today that jeans are on the decline and that "yoga pants" are the in thing. I genuinely had no idea what they were. Intrigued I Googled them to discover that I had been wearing them for years!! My old faithful cosy stretchy breeks were yoga pants all along. Who knew? Not me! Anyone else discovered they were more up to date than they thought?

janerowena Sat 06-Sep-14 11:22:54

I have to wear socks in bed due to arthritis starting up in my feet, and always dreaded anyone coming to the house early before I was dressed because they would see me in what looks like a jersey tunic dress over leggings with long cardigan, little socks and ballerina slippers. Then about three years ago, young ladies everywhere were suddenly wearing socks under sandals and with their pumps! With shapeless dresses! Suddenly I was bang on trend. Until 9am, anyway.

Sadly (for me) the fashion seems to have died out. I'm not sorry really, it looked appalling.

TriciaF Sat 06-Sep-14 21:15:57

I wear glasses for reading but just get the cheap kind, 15€. Usually very fine rims, but last time I went to buy some she only had heavy horn-rimmed things, so I had to make do with those.
We visited some much younger friends, I put on these specs, and she said "Those are really trendy!"
I don't know if she meant it or was just being kind.

janerowena Sat 06-Sep-14 21:17:00

No, they really have been wearing them lately!

petra Sat 06-Sep-14 22:07:32

They are very on trend.

tiggypiro Sat 06-Sep-14 22:31:06

I think I am quite trendy but just a few years too late to be trendy right now!

janeainsworth Sun 07-Sep-14 01:31:59

I recently saw an article in the paper about these 'mom jeans' in Topshop.

They hark back to the early 90's and apparently are the new rave thing.
It will save me buying new ones, as I have a pair in the wardrobe that I haven't worn since, er, the early 90's!

mollie65 Sun 07-Sep-14 07:31:33

janeainsworth - me too but do we still fit in them?
tried to sell them on ebay a year ago and no takers shock
will try again and label them 'mom jeans' (or should it be 'mother jeans' to avoid the Americanism)
looks as if skinny jeans and low slung have had their day - shame as they suit the slimmer shorties.

Marmight Sun 07-Sep-14 07:58:37

I still have a pair but they were consigned to gardening use - perhaps on 2nd thoughts, they now have that lived in grunge look with the obligatory tear at thigh level!

janeainsworth Sun 07-Sep-14 14:43:32

We do, mollie65. <slightly smug smile>