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To think this judge has lost the plot?

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GrannyTwice Sat 27-Sep-14 12:33:27

Kiora Sat 27-Sep-14 12:48:51

He never had the plot in the first place.! I despair. angry I really do. As a society how can we convince the victims of D.A that they will be supported enough to leave the awful situation they find themselves in. Can judges be sacked?

ninathenana Sat 27-Sep-14 13:01:57

I was going to put a shocked emote but sadly I'm not, I'm just angry

HollyDaze Sat 27-Sep-14 13:18:07

"...and most importantly, you have been out of trouble for seven years,”and most importantly, you have been out of trouble for seven years,”

In what year did the man attack his wife?

Regardless of that, this is yet another example of why younger people are needed to sit as judges and more women are needed in that role too.

Can judges be sacked?

I asked that a while ago and I think the answer was no, they can't be sacked. So that should change as well.

whenim64 Sat 27-Sep-14 14:33:33

This is appalling, not only from the standpoint of male abuse of women. That man should have been given the 8 years that a woman I supervised was given, when she did exactly the same to her male partner, who was terrified just like this woman. Actual violence, witness intimidation and threats to kill are not trivial and he needs removing from society for several years.

ffinnochio Sat 27-Sep-14 14:47:24

A suspended sentence ????! angry. It is indeed appalling.

ffinnochio Sat 27-Sep-14 14:53:06

Just wondering if the judge might benefit from doing a course of role play to help him understand the issues of DA.

granjura Sat 27-Sep-14 14:54:57

This is just dreadful- how can a petition be started to send the the Head of Justice?

Marmight Sat 27-Sep-14 15:03:28

Good heavens! This is appalling. Do Judges have to go on re-training courses every so often? If not, they should. Hopefully this one will receive his P45 (or whatever it is called these days) very soon.

whenim64 Sat 27-Sep-14 15:30:03

Judges do go on training courses, but some resist. 'Tame' or probation-friendly judges will do role plays and sit in treatment groups with offenders discussing domestic violence, but they are in the minority.

granjura Sat 27-Sep-14 15:53:32

Well they should not be allowed to resist. Doctors and teachers have to attend regular training courses and assessment- what should Judges be allowed to refuse.

Really, a petition should be started- can we begin this petition here on GN and then try to widen it to the rest of the public?

GrannyTwice Sat 27-Sep-14 15:55:03

I would have thought that just the witness intimidation on its own would have moved even a mysoginist judge to impose a term of imprisonment. But I suppose threatening a female witness doesn't really count- they like it really!

granjura Sat 27-Sep-14 16:19:05

'Michael Brown crowed: "I haven't even got community service, or anything" and then did an "Irish jig" with friends joining in as he left Teesside Crown Court.'


durhamjen Sat 27-Sep-14 16:20:51

This was on the same page as the Vera Baird article.

Theresa May has taken charge as the police were not doing their job properly. But in the case in the OP the police did their job. It was the judge who didn't.

I think this might go on the parliament website as an EDM or it could be on as an epetition on the govt. website already. I'd be surprised if it wasn't.

durhamjen Sat 27-Sep-14 16:27:34

This might cover it. It's about electing judges and being able to get rid of them if they are not up to the job.

FarNorth Sat 27-Sep-14 16:29:54

the judge described why he was going to be lenient. “Fortunately the injuries were not serious, and most importantly, you have been out of trouble for seven years,” he said.

Fortunately the injuries were not serious

I'm stunned by this callousness.
I'm with ffinochio on the role play idea and it should be role play that the judge, at the time, believes to be real.

Ariadne Sat 27-Sep-14 16:40:38

angry what shall we do???

durhamjen Sat 27-Sep-14 17:07:45

Sign the petition, Ariadne?

Ariadne Sat 27-Sep-14 17:14:33

Oh right - sorry durhamjien - was about to start one! Memo to self - read everything carefully blush


Ariadne Sat 27-Sep-14 17:18:29

Not quite specific enough, but it's a start. Wonder if Mn have caught up on this? Off to see and to post a link if necessary...

durhamjen Sat 27-Sep-14 17:20:59

That's okay, Ariadne. I'm guilty of it myself quite often. I thought that one was appropriate because, although this judge was particularly reprehensible, it can happen again with other judges.

Vera Baird used to be an MP, so I think she will still have her contacts if there is anything to be done. She still needs support from anyone and everyone.

durhamjen Sat 27-Sep-14 17:22:32

There's no reason why you cannot sign this and start another more specific one, Ariadne.

Coolgran65 Sat 27-Sep-14 18:07:18

I've signed the petition.
I am lost for words.

How must the victim in this case, and other similar cases, feel after going through what it takes to get the matter to court and to have a silly old fart talking rubbish.
'''Out of trouble for 7 years'''..... he should never have been in trouble !!
'''injuries not serious'''...... the poor lady is probably never going to get over this .... and also the sense of having been let down by the judiciary.

numberplease Sat 27-Sep-14 21:03:27


susieb755 Sat 27-Sep-14 21:04:53

Things never change - in 1987 my ex broke into my house,smashed everything in it,inclduing every window, slashed all of my clothes and was waiting for me with a carving knife - despite having an injunction with poa, he got bound over for breach of the peace !