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to think retailers have some responsibity?

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Jane10 Mon 20-Oct-14 13:44:44

I`ve just been out to M&S and was planning to buy 2 jumpers. Cost approx £70. I was pretty taken aback to be asked if I`d like to buy a bag to take them home in. While I`m quite accustomed to taking my own shopping bags when buying food I really didn't expect to have to take a reused ex food bag to put my clean, new purchases in. I queried it and was told "its the law". There is no obligation for retailers to hand the proceeds to charity they can simply keep it as extra profit. Am I daft to think that if I`ve spent such an amount in their shop they cant pay for the bag? If I spent £1000 on a wedding outfit would I still have to pay for a bag/box? I know about the environment but have retailers no responsibility to clear up any bags of theirs blowing around? After all they are free advertising for them. Maybe I should have asked for a plain bag so I`m not advertising their shop. angry
Just checked and mail order packages are exempt. Hhhmmm there`s a thought! Rant over

Charleygirl Mon 20-Oct-14 13:48:26

I was aware that we had to pay for carrier bags if buying food but I had no idea that we had to buy the carrier bag if buying clothes. I may well have have left the items on the counter as a matter of principle and ordered on line.

Liz46 Mon 20-Oct-14 13:52:54

I volunteer in a charity shop and an increasing number of people have fold away bags that they bring out for their purchases. It's all to do with the environment. Perhaps we should bring back paper bags. Holland and Barrett use paper carriers.

glammanana Mon 20-Oct-14 14:00:42

Jane10 Thats strange indeed I bought a cashmere jumper at M&S last week and it was packed in a bag for me and I'm certain I wasn't charged (must find receipt & check) what would happen do they expect you to walk out of the shop holding two new jumpers unwrapped ?

Elegran Mon 20-Oct-14 14:04:13

And if you did walk out with them unwrapped, would the store detectives haul you back?

Jane10 Mon 20-Oct-14 14:08:59

This only came into force today apparently. I have to say that I did walk out and leave the jumpers on the counter. I suppose I could have asked for them to be left on their hangers and just walked out carrying them. Good opportunity for shop lifters ......................? Could just say they didn't want to buy a bag?
What about when buying underwear? Just stuff it all in my handbag? Lovely customer service! Its no use. I`m still simmering!
Off to order online!

kittylester Mon 20-Oct-14 14:21:10

I bought 4 bras online for my mum from M&S. The box was 3' x 2' confused

rosequartz Mon 20-Oct-14 14:23:22

It's been the norm in Wales for quite a long time.
If I go to England the clothes are usually still put in a bag in M&S although the food isn't.
We just have to remember to take a nice clean bag with us (or buy online).
Stores are supposed to give the 5p for one-use bags to charity, but I wonder if all of them do.

rosequartz Mon 20-Oct-14 14:24:56

Teetime Mon 20-Oct-14 14:32:29

I've never heard of this in M & S - I think I would check that one with HQ! I certainly would not buy clothes from any store who did not put them in a bag after all they have included packaging in their costings. I accept it with food and usually have a jute bag or fold up bag with me as I accept the argument re the environment and wasteage etc etc. What I wont do is pay postage for items from stores which are wholly on line as again this has all been included in their financial modelling. If I need to order from a store I try to have it delivered to a local branch or order only when they have a free p & p offer.

Agus Mon 20-Oct-14 14:33:18

Having to pay for carrier bags is now the case in Scotland as from today.

Tegan Mon 20-Oct-14 14:39:14

They're shooting themselves in the foot by doing that as, when you walk around with a bag after you've purchased something it's free advertising for the shop.

rosequartz Mon 20-Oct-14 14:54:08

The firm will be fined for non-compliance if they give away bags and don't charge for them, if it is the same legislation as it is in Wales
As a customer, I am supposed to report the nice lady in the wool shop who 'gave' me a bag to put all my purchased balls of yarn into. Instead I gave her the 5p to put in a charity box.

The concept is good but sometimes the practice can tend to the ridiculous.

Nelliemoser Mon 20-Oct-14 14:56:21

It' something that had not occurred to me.
I would want a clean bag for putting clothes etc. As others say it shows you have not stolen it.

Food is either packeted tinned or washable.

MiniMouse Mon 20-Oct-14 15:01:53

This is very petty-minded, but if we have to pay for the bag that clothes are put in then we could ask for the bag to be turned inside out so there's no free advertising!

Tegan Mon 20-Oct-14 15:19:09

I actually collect bags; I find some of them so lovely I can't bear to throw them away.In fact I have a framed Selectadisc bag as it was an iconic record shop in Nottingham and it's passing was much lamented by the locals sad.

Ana Mon 20-Oct-14 15:25:02

It's only 5p.

At least M&S bags are easy to fold up and keep for future use.

Crow Mon 20-Oct-14 15:31:04

I was in M and S this morning and the assistant told me it also applies to paper bags. I bought two shirts but fortunately had a clean bag with me.

Ana Mon 20-Oct-14 15:38:11

Prescription items in chemists are exempt, apparently, but not other purchases.

hildajenniJ Mon 20-Oct-14 15:48:01

The new law came into effect this morning. All retailers who offer plastic carrier bags now have to charge for them. Crow I didn't realise that they also have to charge for paper bags, that seems a bit much. I put paper in the compost bin and it decomposes nicely.
I remember the time when my mother sent me shopping and I had to take her shopping bag with me. I started shopping for her age 7 after my youngest sister was born. Mum's bag was nearly as big as me!

janeainsworth Mon 20-Oct-14 17:32:52

How annoying! What if you buy say a couple of wine glasses in John Lewis, and they wrap them up in 3 or 4 bags each to protect them from damage. Do you get charged for each individual bag or box?

If I was buying a new dress or sweater I'd certainly expect it to be at least wrapped in tissue paper, before shoving it in my shopping bag.

Ana Mon 20-Oct-14 17:39:33

Funny how everyone's 'green' proclivities go out of the window when personal convenience is threatened! grin

Soutra Mon 20-Oct-14 18:02:26

How is it "ungreen" to take a carrier bag, recycle it by using it to line a wastepaper bin multiple times and ultimately use it to take clothes or books to the charity shop - as a for instance?

janeainsworth Mon 20-Oct-14 18:13:13

Quite, Soutra. I always take loads of bags with me to the supermarket if I'm going for a planned shop, and I always have a couple of nylon fold-up bags in my handbag for small impulse purchases.

But I think it's taking it a bit far to charge for wrapping clothing, particularly in paper or card carriers that are easily recycled.

Ana Mon 20-Oct-14 18:39:53

Not everyone does that, Soutra and jane. smile

(As evidenced by the many trees and hedgerows you see decorated with flimsy supermarket bags these days.)