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To expect Royal Mail to deliver?

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Anya Sat 27-Dec-14 13:50:13

Where we lived previously our mail service was excellent. Since moving I can only describe it as abysmal.
During the snows a couple of years ago we had nothing delivered for two weeks, though other posties were out delivering in other areas of the town (yes, we live in a town not some far flung rural outpost) and I was able despite the snow and being of advanced years to walk up the hill to tne shops.
I'm always receiving someone else's mail, but then so does everyone in our street it appears. Recently I've started receiving Christmas mail for a couple who live in a town about 50 miles away. This I parcelled up and forwarded to them.
Several parcels with gifts ordered for Christmas never arrived.

Fed up to the teeth of this I've been in touch with the Royal Mail Escalated Customer Service Team, who have been excellent. I've sent them photos of the misdeliverd mail - loads of them and they have promised to investigate and take action.

A result tchsmile

Today I took delivery of two lost parcels (both posted to me in early November) but while it's great to have these at last - even though too late for Christmas, is it really too much to ask that our particular Sorting Office and our particular postman actually delivers the mail to the right house at the right time? tchangry

vampirequeen Sat 27-Dec-14 14:11:27

I'm afraid the Royal Mail just don't seem to bother anymore. I sent a letter first class and paid extra to ensure it was trackable and signed for as I needed proof of delivery. It was never delivered. When I phoned I was told they have 15 days to deliver first class letter and if I wanted to I could claim a refund of the cost of a stamp. As this letter was actually a 'contact me within 14 days or else' letter I wouldn't have sent it that way had I realised. I only posted it that way on the advice of the Post Office cashier as I'd asked for a recorded delivery and he'd said this particular way would be better.

The Royal Mail said I would need to take that up with the Post Office as it was nothing to do with them as they and the Post Office are no longer connected.

Anya Sat 27-Dec-14 14:17:09

That's exactly the sort of 'couldn't care less' reply I had initially from Royal Mail vampirequeen until I asked for it to be escalated.

The contact email should anyone else need it is

[email protected]

durhamjen Sat 27-Dec-14 14:54:42

That's because Royal Mail has just been privatised. Anyone on here got any shares? As a shareholder you should be able to hold it to account.

Anya Sat 27-Dec-14 15:46:18

Nothing at all to do with being privatised Jen this is an ongoing problem over the last few years in this area.

Not everything is politically motivated, sometimes it's just down to poor management and bloody-minded work force. I think one of the reasons the Royal Mail was privatised was because the work force refused to accept new working practices. Luddites possibly.

And no, I'm not a shareholder.

J52 Sun 28-Dec-14 08:45:10

Recently, after a lost item, I asked the Royal Mail customer services if they could print a notice to be displayed in all P.Os saying:

"Paying for an item to be sent does not mean we are under any obligation to deliver it!"

I did get my compensation, but it did not meet the value of item or inconvenience caused. I should of course spent more money on the super duper tracking system etc! x