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politicians sniping at each other

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etheltbags1 Wed 28-Jan-15 18:49:52

I have never been loyal to any political party as I have always listened to their manifestos and thought, maybe Conservatives have the right idea, then I would listen to Labours ideas and think, 'oh I will vote for them', then I favour the Greens as I am very concerned about our environment, and so on....
I guess I must be a floating voter, so having more time at the minute to watch tv and seeing the start of the run up to the election, I am awaiting to have my mind made up but what really annoys me is the sniping and rudeness of the politicians from every party.
These people are usually from the most highly educated group of society and are eloquent and highly persuasive so why do they insist on insulting each others parties, am I being unreasonable in thinking they should be able to attract voters by stating their intentions in a positive manner and simply not having a 'go' at the other candidates.
They are so childish, I really feel that now I will vote for the party that has candidates who behave in a well mannered way, does anyone know why they behave as they do.

Soutra Tue 03-Feb-15 23:15:48

Nothing is at it seems, full stop.

POGS Wed 04-Feb-15 00:19:51

They say Harold Wilson never smoked his pipe that much and used it more as a prop .

At least Farage drank his beer.

absent Wed 04-Feb-15 05:33:10

Did Tone actually drink his tea?

rosequartz Wed 04-Feb-15 09:26:10

ethel perhaps you should've gone to that well-known opticians wink

magpie123 Wed 04-Feb-15 15:52:33

durhamjen Sat 31-Jan-15 12:04:11 Not PC enough for you, I happen to agree with him, trust the Guardian newspaper not too.

What would you call them then, nice little boys who have lost their way in life.

durhamjen Wed 04-Feb-15 20:48:05

"Mohammed Khaliel, director of the community cohesion organisation Islamix, said: “These are the type of comments you’d expect from the EDL, the BNP and possibly Ukip.

“Somebody in a position of responsibility should be making responsible comments,” he said. “For somebody allegedly aspiring to be prime minister of the country, is this really the style and level of comments that he should be making?

“He’s trying for election in Uxbridge and he thinks any publicity is good publicity, but he doesn’t care about the discord that it causes in the community.” "

Quote from the article, magpie.
All he's doing is stirring it, completely wrong in my opinion. Certainly not the sort of comments that a hopeful PM should be making, as I said in my post.