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rosequartz Fri 27-Feb-15 16:09:17

AIBU to ask where our leek, daffodil, dragon or other emoticons are?

It is St David's Day on Sunday.
I went into a local shop (in Wales) this morning and found a huge rack of St Patrick's Day cards confused but no St David's day cards.

Personally, I wouldn't send any cards for Saints' days, but I just wondered whether the Welsh are the poor relations in this Kingdom.

Riverwalk Fri 27-Feb-15 16:29:51

Well rose if, as you say, even in Wales you didn't see any St David's cards only St Patrick's Day cards, you are being unreasonable to expect Welsh emoticons on GN!

rosequartz Fri 27-Feb-15 16:31:42

Ha ha, Riverwalk

Definitely the poor relations!

Galen Fri 27-Feb-15 16:34:32



They're getting restless and they're only just across the Bristol Channel from me!
I'm getting frightened!

Anya Fri 27-Feb-15 16:38:10

I am not Welsh rose but this does strike me as racist unfair confused

So I've taken a unilateral decision to make my Welsh Quiche on Sunday - using Caerphilly cheese and leeks. Let me know if you want the recipe.

rosequartz Fri 27-Feb-15 16:49:22

Thanks Anya, sounds good. In fact, if you send me a piece that sounds even better wink

I was going to make leek and potato soup and cawl
I was going to make Welsh cakes but I bought some blush

Galen keep shouting, I can't hear you yet!

2pence Fri 27-Feb-15 16:55:56

I'm not a fan of graphic emoticons but to be fair I can't see any English, Scottish or Irish ones available on the list below either (I'm new here and may have missed something).
St Patrick's Day gets celebrated all over the world simply because the Irish spread themselves around when the food ran out. I think it's largely a marketing ploy and I'm rather glad it hasn't spread to other nations of the Union.
It was plain daft when some supermarkets in Wales were full of English flags instead of Welsh ones for a sporting event last year!

But as for cards, I am happy to send my (English) grandchildren cards which say Pen blwydd hapus. We don't need cards for saints' days too.

jinglbellsfrocks Fri 27-Feb-15 17:01:06

Perhaps the daffodil will appear as if by magic on Sunday.

It will, won't it HQ? smile

jinglbellsfrocks Fri 27-Feb-15 17:01:47

I'll swop the chicken for it.

Ana Fri 27-Feb-15 17:04:21

Yes it will, of course! I don't think we get the Saints Days ones in advance.

rosequartz Fri 27-Feb-15 17:06:24

2pence yes, they do have emoticons for Saints' Days, Christmas etc

I think the Welsh are quite well spread around the world too!


thatbags Fri 27-Feb-15 17:06:41

What is the roast chicken emoti for?

jinglbellsfrocks Fri 27-Feb-15 17:10:12

grin it's to show you have to break off a conversation to go and get the dinner on. I requested it one Sunday, and - ta-da! - I got it. Trouble is (whispering now) I was joking! shock blush

No one is going to use the bloody thing. hmm

Ana Fri 27-Feb-15 17:10:52

rosequartz - WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY!

jinglbellsfrocks Fri 27-Feb-15 17:10:52

I feel responsible for it.

Ana Fri 27-Feb-15 17:11:35

It's way too small. A knife and fork would have been better.

Ana Fri 27-Feb-15 17:12:07

Or a saucepan.

thatbags Fri 27-Feb-15 17:18:09

Quicker to type "Gotta go!" than all that square bracket and roast chicken stuff, I'd've thought.

hildajenniJ Fri 27-Feb-15 17:18:09

roastchicken grin

shysal Fri 27-Feb-15 17:19:04

We have had a daffodil in the past, so don't panic! Wait until Sunday.

jinglbellsfrocks Fri 27-Feb-15 17:20:30

It's not my fault. I asked for a roast dinner. I reckon they had that chicken in a drawer somewhere to have come up with it so quickly.

Ana Fri 27-Feb-15 17:24:07

Not blaming you jingl. There was something rather odd about the speedy response, considering how long people had to wait for the moon!

JessM Fri 27-Feb-15 17:29:30

Cardiau Dydd Dewi Sant? Why?

Galen Fri 27-Feb-15 17:30:26

We've had a sort of dragon as well. Or was that for St George?

jinglbellsfrocks Fri 27-Feb-15 17:34:05

Yep. St George that one.

Actually, the chicken was an extremely good idea. Excellent in fact. Obviously much needed. And will soon be well used.