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To hope to just pack and go on holiday?

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Mishap Fri 22-May-15 11:26:36

I think there has been a thread on this before. There is an hour to go before we need to leave for our holiday and what is my OH doing? Is he packing or putting bags in the car, or planning the fun to come? No....he is cleaning the house! Of course I do understand how vital it is that the empty house should be clean for the benefit of the non-existent people who are going to see it, so I am biting my tongue and going with the flow like the perfect wife that I am. Sigh.

jinglbellsfrocks Fri 22-May-15 11:31:06

You will be glad of it on your return. smile Have a lovely hol. sunshine

gillybob Fri 22-May-15 11:34:18

Sounds like mine Mishap. Jings is right you will be glad when you get back to a lovely tidy house.

Have a fab holiday. With lots and lots of lovely sunshine

AshTree Fri 22-May-15 11:48:37

Yes, just like mine too. I'm always grateful when we return to a tidy house, though. And then it's immediately untidy with suitcases spilling over the living room carpet and piles of mail being sorted on the kitchen worktops grin
Have a lovely holiday Mishap sunshine

Elegran Fri 22-May-15 11:54:07

Next time, tell him that the deadline is an hour before it really is. Have everything packed into the car for that time, and THEN tell him the truth, and let him clean the house while he waits for the real departure time (and while you sit watching him with a brew and cupcake

Ana Fri 22-May-15 11:57:33

There's a flaw there, Elegran - he'd just do the cleaning an hour earlier! But at least there'd be a spare hour to pack the car...grin

harrigran Fri 22-May-15 12:16:19

We returned, from holiday on Wednesday, to find the hall light on. DH swore he had not put it on although I know differently. He walked round the house closing every internal door just in case, the result was it was dark in the hall and he couldn't see to exit. I must have crept back in and switched the light on even though I was in the car and belted up before he locked the door grin

rosesarered Fri 22-May-15 20:31:58

Yes, it's always our fault somehow isn't it? grin
I think you are lucky Mishap, to have a DH who wants to clean the house.

merlotgran Fri 22-May-15 20:50:08

I wish mine would clean the house before going on holiday. He usually makes even more mess than usual then sits in the car waiting for me to rush round clearing up after him angry

annodomini Fri 22-May-15 21:33:29

I wish someone would clean mine for me!

thatbags Fri 22-May-15 22:27:09

I'm not really a going on holiday person but if it meant that DH would clean the house, I would become a going on holiday person quite gladly.

Ana Fri 22-May-15 22:36:51

Yes! grin

Eloethan Sat 23-May-15 00:15:12

Oh Mishap, my husband does things like that - although I would to some extent welcome with cleaning and tidying the house.

One year we were going to Mauritius. It was a cold, wet November and 2 days before we left he decided to buy a small shed and put it up. This involved mixing and laying concrete for the base, etc. He was out in the cold and rain finishing the whole project off a couple of hours before we left.

Another year, we went to Lanzarote, with my mum, just before Christmas. We got up about 5 in the morning and he decided to write some Christmas cards and hand deliver them on our way to the airport. We missed the flight. Luckily there was one about 2 hours later but, of course, we had to pay again.

KatyK Sat 23-May-15 10:37:45

Have a lovely time sunshine

Atqui Sat 23-May-15 11:34:23

Wow . I'd be so pleased if my husband did that. It's the other way round with us - our house is never very tidy, but I do like to leave the floors vacuumed and the kitchen lookin reasonable when we go away. I always think it would be dreadful if we didn't come back and someone found it looking a tip. ( very anal, I know) . I also like to come home to clean sheets!

KatyK Sat 23-May-15 14:18:24

I'm the same Atqui. I always think I would be mortified if anything happened to us on holiday and the house wasn't clean! confused

Deedaa Sun 24-May-15 22:37:49

Think yourself lucky Mishap In my case DH would probably have decided to do something drastic to the car grin