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Am I being mean?

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NanKate Fri 31-Jul-15 13:25:22

I am shortly off to have my 6 weekly cut and blow dry which costs about £45.00. It's a bit pricey in this neck of the woods and I don't go to the posh hairdressers who charge much more.

I give the hairdresser £2.50 tip I wonder if that is a bit mean ? ?

downtoearth Fri 31-Jul-15 21:29:13


abnerbenjamin Fri 31-Jul-15 21:15:28

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rosesarered Fri 31-Jul-15 19:29:17

A dry cut is about £14 which I have every six weeks or so.Highlights cost about £45 without a trim, I only have this done twice a year, it seems ok with that.I always tip 10% or slightly more.

harrigran Fri 31-Jul-15 18:58:00

I have a hairdresser that comes to my home, she is extremely reasonable at £40 for colour and I give her £5 tip but give her £20 at the last treatment before Christmas. I reckon that as I am using my shampoo and conditioner and electricity then the tip is adequate.

Purpledaffodil Fri 31-Jul-15 18:56:10

Had colour, highlights, cut and blow dry today and it cost £95 so I only rounded up to £100. Hate tipping as feel either mean or over generous. Today I felt mean, but this is a very ordinary hairdressers and the price has suddenly rocketed. Should have questioned but felt too awkward.

numberplease Fri 31-Jul-15 17:51:37

I very rarely tip anyone. I go very rarely to the hairdressers anyway, can`t afford it too often. I usually have a cut and a perm, and if I go on pensioners day it costs £25. My daughter colours it for me.

Coolgran65 Fri 31-Jul-15 17:38:29

£19 for a cut and blow dry every 5 or 6 weeks.
£45 for cut/blowdry/base colour and foils every 3rd visit, about 4 months.

When I retired 6 years ago I started to colour at home and it was very successful but I got tired of the 'sameness'.
So at present the hairdresser is on the job and I have quite funky foils/meshes.

I rarely pay for it out of my purse, dh knows I just love gift vouchers. Usually tip £2 and do feel a bit stingy.

TerriBull Fri 31-Jul-15 17:27:55

Yes I know ND it's shocking blush I think it's having a base colour put on that bumps it all up - I don't have any other extravagant treatments like facials or massages and I definitely don't take the car in, happily I can walk, so given the hours I'm there that would make it even more expensive. If it's rainy I make my husband drive in and pick me up

vampirequeen Fri 31-Jul-15 17:27:27

I go for a dry cut every six weeks or so. I've never had a perm or dyed my hair. Totally mean...I never tip.

Leticia Fri 31-Jul-15 17:24:50

I never tip hairdressers. I hate tipping and think it outdated.

Luckygirl Fri 31-Jul-15 17:21:50

I have never ever given a tip in a hairdressers. So I am a lot meaner!

NanaDenise Fri 31-Jul-15 17:17:26

Gosh TerriBull, I thought I was the only one to have to pay £100 ish for cut, colour and blowdry. I can get a cut for less in town, but by the time I have paid for parking etc., it isnt that much cheaper.

TerriBull Fri 31-Jul-15 17:10:32

On average I go to the hairdressers 3 to 4 times a year and I have the full works - base colour on roots, half head of high lights, cut and blow dry. It costs roughly £120. I usually give a £5 tip which is probably not enough but it is quite an expense not that I begrudge the cost because whilst I am adept at doing my roots and cutting my fringe in between visits I don't have the expertise to do the rest myself.

AshTree Fri 31-Jul-15 16:36:20

I pay £27 for a cut and blow dry and usually give a £2 tip. I used to use a home hairdresser, who was a lot cheaper and she was very good, but once when I needed it done at short notice I went to the salon up the road. I realised how much I'd been missing the hair wash and massage, so I've been going there ever since!

Lona Fri 31-Jul-15 16:13:53

I love the colour of my hair now that I don't have highlights Alea. It's going white in a very highlighted way IYSWIM, and I get complimented on the colour! wink
Saves a fortune!

Elegran Fri 31-Jul-15 16:10:14

I must be meaner than any of you. I have not visited a hairdresser for years, neither did OH. I bought a Phillips electric hair clipper to cut his hair, found that the longest cut was long enough for my hair, and have never looked back. I trim it every two weeks or so - free.

Alea Fri 31-Jul-15 16:06:07

I'd rather not say what I pay, but yesterday I made a major decision and instead of a root retouch to hide the grey in my sort of not natural blonde, I went for dark ash blonde lowlights cut through with bleached almost white highlights with a pearl toner over the lot.
First step on my "glad to be grey" journey. (Ssh it was just into 3 figures sad

kassi Fri 31-Jul-15 15:42:48

I pay £40 for highlights, cut and blow dry. I always tip £5.

heavenknows Fri 31-Jul-15 15:38:16

I pay £30 for colour and cut, and usually tip £5.

Teetime Fri 31-Jul-15 15:29:50

I don't tip my current hairdresser as she is the owner of the establishment. I pay £55 every month for cut, colour and blow dry.

Greyduster Fri 31-Jul-15 15:26:32

My hairdresser (for thirty plus years) charges just under £16 for a cut and blow dry and I give her £20 because she's always willing to fit me in at short notice when I haven't had time to make an appointment, even when she's busy.

Clematisa Fri 31-Jul-15 15:11:44

I give whatever is change in my purse - usually £1 - £2 mine costs £27 for cut and blow-dry every 5 weeks not including the tip.

Matella Fri 31-Jul-15 15:05:02

I tend to give anything from £2 to £4 tip depending on what coins I have in my purse. Mine costs between £45 and £65 every 8 weeks for highlights and cut and blow dry. I always give £5 at Christmas. The girl that does my hair is young and saving up to move to her own flat and delights in telling me how much she has saved each time. I know she saves her tips.

ninathenana Fri 31-Jul-15 15:04:29

Wow ! I'm glad I don't live where some of you do.
I pay £10 for a wet cut. I don't have a blow dry. I don't tip her every time (same hairdresser for 15-20 yrs.) But I give her double at Christmas.

Lona Fri 31-Jul-15 14:33:30

At the moment my cut and blow costs £46, and I give her £5 tip because my hair is hard work (and so am I)! grin