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Is my neighbor to loud or am i just BU?

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jasminec Thu 10-Sep-15 22:13:17

My washer is on so is my tv but i can still hear his tv muffled. I even moved to the other end of my sofa which did help a bit.
When my washer isnt on i can hear the words of his tv
I also have to put up with him stomping around in shoes, whilst i know the installation is not very good in here he could be considerate and wear slippers as someone lives below. When he walks my single pane windows shake if they are open.
He also has a habit of slamming doors.

This is the dilemma i am in because he has never received any complaints, he has been here six to seven years.
The reason being is the last lady who lived here for around two years used to play loud music all day which im suspecting is probably to drown him out but she did complain about him to the downstairs neighbor who told me but not the housing association.

Before her someone was using this flat to store furniture and before was a deaf elderly lady who passed away.
In between all these tenants the flat was vacant for long periods of time.

its really irritating me now, i have been here for four months but its like i cannot watch tv in peace and i wont turn my tv up as its against the wall next door and i do not want to annoy them

I have spoken to this upstairs tenant before (general chat) and i have a feeling he will go down the route of "nobody has complained before"
without seeing nobody was here to complain

I complained in my last flat about the woman walking around in heels and she did the whole "nobody has complained before ive been here years" even then i had recorders in my flat which proved she was too loud and i ended up moving but im having the same issue!

What is it about top floor tenants that make them so inconsiderate!
the man below me says he can never hear me and its because i bothered to put underlay under my carpet which the guy upstairs clearly hasn't as it sounds like he is walking on bare boards and i walk around in slippers!

Am i just unreasonable and moany and should i shut up or do i have a point?

Anne58 Thu 10-Sep-15 22:17:25

Perhaps ask him to come down to your flat to hear how loud his TV is? Can't help about the footstep noise though.

jasminec Thu 10-Sep-15 22:19:08

how should i approach him about it? I dont want to get into a war like i did with the last neighbor i had this is why im so reluctant to complain

NfkDumpling Thu 10-Sep-15 22:20:45

You do have a point. It's a common problem and few people are as considerate as you. Any chance of another move to a bungalow?

harrigran Thu 10-Sep-15 23:38:00

I do feel for you. I had a problem with a profoundly deaf neighbour who would turn his TV volume right up, unfortunately he sometimes left the TV or radio on all night and didn't notice after he took his hearing aids out. He shouted so loud I could hear all his telephone conversations too. I became quite ill with high blood pressure they think caused by the stress.
I can't offer any solution but mine was solved by my neighbour's untimely death while he was abroad on holiday.

vampirequeen Fri 11-Sep-15 07:34:37

Mention it to him when you see him. Comment on the lack insulation and ask if he can hear you. Then ask him if he realised how much you can hear him.

My previous next door neighbour was deaf and we got used to being able to play music louder than you normally would if you were taking your neighbours into account. When the new neighbour moved in we asked her to tell us if we were too noisy as we'd got used to not being heard. I don't think a lot of people think about it but DH and I have both lived next door to noisy neighbours and know how horrible it can be.

If that doesn't work talk to the housing association.

glammanana Fri 11-Sep-15 08:27:02

jasminec Your neighbour has probably been used to not having downstairs neighbours and totally forgotten how to be considerate to others,either that or he has a hearing problem.
I would do as vampie suggests and have a chat with him he should be made aware of the problem and some people don't realise how much noise travels when doors are banged they are oblivious to their own surroundings.
If this doesn't work I can see you going back to your HA and possibly filling in a record form of the problems you are having,with out sounding flippant have you thought of buying him a pair of slippers lol. x glamma

sunseeker Fri 11-Sep-15 09:36:52

Are you perhaps over sensitive to noise (I ask because I am myself!). When we were first married DH and I lived in a flat and whilst he thought nothing of the noise coming from above, it would drive me demented. One of the reasons I now live in a detached property.

I did speak to the upstairs neighbours and explained we could hear everything (including when they went to the loo!). They did become quieter after that. Perhaps you could invite him in for a coffee and explain, in a friendly way, how noisy it is in your flat and that you would appreciate it if he could turn down his TV/not slam doors etc., you never know he may be completely unaware he is causing your problems.