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AIBU To expect cars to park on the road?

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Cherrytree59 Wed 07-Oct-15 23:05:35

Twice this week with a double push chair I have had to plough through someone's front garden. Once because van was parked half on the footpath and the next time when a car was also left this way.both times there was not enough room left for even a single buggy to pass by. Why should I put my grandchildren at risk and walk on the road because vehicles are parked illegally!
Tonight as I was driving home along a main road there were two cars parked in front of each other completely on the footpath, the road had double yellow lines, so presumably the drivers thought that if they parked on the footpath they didn't apply . There was no thought to pedestrians having to step on to the road to get past the vehicles.
It seems to be a case of IM ALL RIGHT JACK, SO S... EVERYONE ELSE!

Auntieflo Thu 08-Oct-15 16:31:24

Charleygirl, would it be illegal to secure some of the fence top prickle strips, to your lawn?

NanaRayna Thu 08-Oct-15 16:33:50

Whoops! That was meant to be in response to Sunseeker and her clever friend.

Rather disgusting, but... When we lived in Kilburn there was an old chap (also long gone) who would pick up dog mess and wipe it on the door handle of cars parked across the designated crossing places where the children from the local school for the blind were supposed to cross. They never did it twice!

Sugarpufffairy Thu 08-Oct-15 19:14:10

Parking seems to be the reason behind a lot of bad feeling these days. There has been a garage at this house for over 50 years. It was used all the time. As a dead end lane which ended at our garage we could also park a car outside the garage without causing any trouble. My dad paid to have the full length of the lane resurfaced. All the other houses should have contributed. A very peculiar woman moved into one of the houses and she always puts her bins in the middle of the lane. It got t the stage that my dad could not manage to walk from the back of the house to get into the house. We were given a Disabled Parking Place at the front of the house. The neighbours objected to this because they live in the flats opposite and they want to park under their windows which is far more important than a parking space for an elderly man and another thought it would be a good place for her husband to park his taxi in the small hours of the night. The lane was blocked more than it was free so cant get the garage brought up to date. My 2 DCs got cars. Then we had 4 cars in the street. More hassles from the neighbours. I then got a driveway made and this made a bunch of dodgy workmen think they could extort money from the wee old wifey! The driveway is useless and sinking already and not even a year old but I am glad to get 2 of the cars off the road and on to the driveway. One of the neighbours already hit my car parked outside while I was flat out on the couch with the flu. The DCs don't stay here. Maybe it would be an idea to either give up the gardens at the flat to make parking spaces or maybe you should not have a car unless you have somewhere to put it.
I have been a carer dealing with dreadful health problems and getting aereated about parking is not the biggest worry I have ever had.
It is mostly a lack of manners or totally selfishness that cause people to demand to block places or lanes or demand to park under their windows. As nasty as it sounds I hope that those who objected to or park in the Disabled Parking Space get all the illnesses and health conditions that the members of this household have/had since they really seem to have a desire to get the space they can have the problems that earn one. Police have been useless!

Elrel Fri 09-Oct-15 00:43:31

A lot of it is parents on the school run. Most schools round here seem to have some parents who'll park anywhere: on pavement, on double yellow lines, across school car park entrance, at bus shop on very narrow road. All to avoid a short walk, utterly selfish. At one school I was waiting for my granddaughter at a bus stop on a main road and doing a sudoku. A couple of mums must have thought I was taking numbers and quickly drove off!

soontobe Fri 09-Oct-15 07:45:16

I dreamt about this subject last night!
That I was walking on the pavement and there was a van whizzing along the pavement ahead of me. hmm

Cars should not be allowed to park on pavements.

Maggiemaybe Fri 09-Oct-15 10:10:08

That's interesting, Elrel. I once saw a woman open the door of her parked car and toss an armful of old rubbish down at the side of the pavement. I pretended to write down her number, and she got out and picked it all up! grin I suppose these days we'd have to take a photo on our phone and I don't know if I'm still up to the physical ruck that might follow!

shabby Fri 09-Oct-15 10:38:19

In some parts of London the councils have marked parking boxes half on the pavement and half in the road even if the pavements are narrow. So divers have no option but to park on the pavement otherwise they risk a fine!

Lilygran Fri 09-Oct-15 11:41:56

Parking on pavements makes me very cross. It also makes me cross to be told it isn't illegal. It is illegal to cause an obstruction. DH politely told one woman (three wheels on a narrow pavement) that she was blocking access and she replied, 'Where am I supposed to park, then?'

BlackeyedSusan Fri 09-Oct-15 13:43:31

there are a handful of illegal pavement parkers near the children's school. some drive up onto the pavement behind children walking to school. I bang on the window and shout at them and generally make myself look an idiot. but one slip on the accelerator as they bump up the kerb could be two or more dead children.

my daughter has mobility issues, and sometimes it hurts to walk from the local car park to school. she still does but negotiating the crumbling pavement caused by the pavement parkers makes her wobbliness wobblier. my son has autism. he is scared of the cars driving up onto the pavement. due to the children both needing hands held past these cars it is really difficult to get past.

I care not if they get damaged in the process.

rojon Sat 10-Oct-15 20:03:06

the developers of my estate were forced to provide off street parking spaces for all the houses they built but you wouldn't know it for all the cars parked half on the pavements.