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NHS England: we only have until Tuesday to respond to the mandate.

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CleopatraSoup Mon 23-Nov-15 12:05:05


The Guardian: You've been asked to have your say on the NHS.
You just don't know about it

The Mandate is appallingly written and full of platitudes and jargon. I think it is deliberately vague to deter people from responding. Instead of using the useless response form please write an email direct and let Hunt know what you feel.

<[email protected]>

From 38 degrees
NHS: set the agenda
Email NHS mandate team - UK government

You could write just a few short sentences about your priorities for the future of our NHS. Here's some suggestions:

Tips for writing emails:
You could demand a health service that's given all the money it needs to care for everyone - from funding for social and elderly care in the community, to enough money for cancer treatment, to making sure everyone can see their GP when they need to.

You could say no to privatisation in our NHS. Profit-making companies should have no place in our healthcare system.

You could tell a personal story of how the NHS has helped you and your family.

PS: The NHS belongs to all of us. It's still something to be proud of, and the staff do an amazing job of looking after us whenever we need it. But after years of privatisation and budget cuts cracks are starting to appear. If we want to still be able to rely on the NHS for years to come, we need to fight to keep it. So please tell the Department of Health you don't like the direction it's heading in -

click here to have your say:

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