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M&S and me.......... :/

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loopylou Wed 02-Dec-15 12:36:26

M&S and I are going to fall out tchconfused
Firstly DH picks up a numbers of packages from our nearest food store, that's great until I discover one package isn't mine and despite ordering 2 identical items, there's only one.

So, phone call (1) to M&S re: package that's not mine and I explain the situation. Chap on other end says can I return the package that isn't mine? Nope, I'm miles away from store (48 mile round trip).
Ok, can I phone that store, they'll probably send a taxi.
He can't deal with the missing order, please phone different number hmm

Phone call (2, 3, 4 and 5 as no answer) to store: final get through to a lady who just can't grasp what I'm telling her. She hangs up on me.
Phone call (6) back to store: eventually got through, 'You need to speak to the manger, he's on the phone, I'll get him to call you'
Three hours later he phones : 'You need to bring the unwanted package back here' I try to explain it wouldn't be until the end of next week. He says that's ok, and rings off.

Repeat the whole shenanigans to track down missing order, M&S have taken the £30 but the item isn't available.
I ask if I can have my money refunded? Nope he's not able to do that.i'm starting to get a bit angry by now, so have to phone yet another number etc and eventually get it sorted.

Why don't they automatically inform you that an item isn't available and refund you there and then? Instead of which I've spent nearly an hour on the phone this morning, and am pretty p....d off.

I'm NOT impressed!

Galen Wed 02-Dec-15 12:43:23

Don't blame you!

harrigran Wed 02-Dec-15 12:59:47

DH and I spent 30 minutes looking for the children's underwear department in a very large M&S, in the end we asked an assistant who sent us off in totally the wrong direction. How come the assistants don't know the layout of their own store ?
I think that M&S is not the great store it used to be and your experience of food orders is only too common now.
DH went to collect turkey on Christmas eve, ordered weeks in advance, and they had given it to someone else who didn't even have the receipt angry

HildaW Wed 02-Dec-15 13:19:47

My gripe with M&S is a trend I've noticed since the new law about plastic bags has been introduced.

The resulting 'transaction' with the assistant is now so perfunctory as to be almost non-existent. You take your chosen item to the till, its plonked on the counter in front of you having been sort of folded and once you have paid you are deemed served. You then have to do a sort of undignified scrabble to gather your purchases up and bag them in whatever you choose to use. Its not the fact I now use my own bag that annoys...its the way my goods are dismissed so lightly. A friend recently bought a pair of shoes and a cashmere cardigan that were brusquely stacked on top of each other and then just sort of left for her to scoop up.

By contrast John Lewis will still tissue wrap or bubble wrap delicate items and pass them gently to you. They have, I notice also introduced a paper carrier bag if you have a lot to cope with. The transaction is much more complete and you do not have the feeling that you have taken up too much of the assistant's time.
Plastic bags are a scourge......but stores should still remember there is such a thing as customer service and my purchases should be treated respectfully and not just shoved across the counter at me. Perhaps we customers could be allowed to hand over our bags for the staff to then, carefully , put our purchases into.

Luckygirl Wed 02-Dec-15 16:33:10

M&S here are full of charm and as helpful as could be! Sorry you have had such bad experiences.

Elrel Thu 03-Dec-15 02:09:16

Our recently opened big new M&S continues to please with happy friendly staff. The only hiccups seem to be a little delay and confusion with new staff learning the ropes in the cafe but that should gradually decrease.