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seasider Sun 06-Mar-16 08:18:12

I am the main present buyer in our household . I put a lot of thought into finding gifts I hope people will like. DP is a rubbish present buyer and struggles for inspiration. I thought I would make it easier for him and said this year I would like a pedicure before we go away next month. DP said to let him.know when I was going and he would pay for it. He even remarked that it was less than he usually spends. It was my birthday yesterday and I was disappointed he did not buy even a tiny gift to wrap up. He said he did not have time though he passes a huge 24 hour Tesco on his way home and we live a 10 minute walk from a retail park! By comparison 13 year old DS, who has recently started a job as a paperboy, went to the shops and bought and wrapped his own gifts for me. DP told him he had to use his own money this time ! I am wrong to be annoyed at his lack of effort?

annsixty Sun 06-Mar-16 08:27:56

Yes, but I suspect a familiar story to lots of people.
Best wishes for yesterday. flowers

Alea Sun 06-Mar-16 08:28:31

Whether right or wrong, are you surprised?
You could have a strop, you could let it upset you or you could sigh and book yourself something much more extravagant and present him eith the bill.
They say it's the thought that counts, well I am still counting!!!
Now that your son is a teenager you could always get him to "organise" his dad into planning whichever treat you have told him you would like to be surprised with if you see what I mean!
Happy Birthday of yesterday. flowers I could bore you with the years since DH's illness when I have been disappointed on my birthday, even ringing him when he was in hospital in the hope he would wish me a happy birthday but there was not even a mention.
This year I forwarded him an email from Liz Earle about their facials at the Sloane Square salon and he booked it on line.
I know there won't be a card as he can't get out to a shop and surprise flowers don't occur to him any more, but am I downhearted? No point, and nor should you besmile
Enjoy your holiday and perfect feet!!

annsixty Sun 06-Mar-16 08:29:35

Sorry you are not wrong,I didn't check your question.

PRINTMISS Sun 06-Mar-16 08:51:14

Why bother with getting in a strop or down-hearted about something you know is either not going to happen, or will not happen the way you would like it to? I know a card or a present are lovely things to receive (and give), but if someone just doesn't think about these things, then there is no way you will change that.

seasider Sun 06-Mar-16 08:53:59

I know he probably will not change now but I live in hope!

seasider Sun 06-Mar-16 08:55:09

And I was totally spoiled by my DC and DGCsmile