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Birthday present

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seasider Sun 06-Mar-16 08:18:16

I am the main present buyer in our household . I put a lot of thought into finding gifts I hope people will like. DP is a rubbish present buyer and struggles for inspiration. I thought I would make it easier for him and said this year I would like a pedicure before we go away next month. DP said to let him.know when I was going and he would pay for it. He even remarked that it was less than he usually spends. It was my birthday yesterday and I was disappointed he did not buy even a tiny gift to wrap up. He said he did not have time though he passes a huge 24 hour Tesco on his way home and we live a 10 minute walk from a retail park! By comparison 13 year old DS, who has recently started a job as a paperboy, went to the shops and bought and wrapped his own gifts for me. DP told him he had to use his own money this time ! I am wrong to be annoyed at his lack of effort?