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AIBU to be shocked at Mumsnet Thread

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Sugarpufffairy Sun 13-Mar-16 23:58:06

I was shown a thread on Mumsnet about a 12 year old girl with MH problems who has claimed that her DGM had touched her inappropriately. The grandmother has heart problems. There is also mentioned a possibility that the 12 year old is upset that DM has to take DGM to hospital appointments.
The majority of posters think that the daughter should be believed which would be reversed that the DGM is not to be believed.
While I realise that this is a dreadful situation, both the girl and the older woman are vulnerable the mum/daughter is being told to prioritise the daughter. I feel that both vulnerable people need appropriate help and the middle lady also needs help with this.
What do you think?

Nelliemoser Mon 14-Mar-16 00:19:30

I would not rule out any possibility that an older female relative might be involved in sexual abuse. We do not know how old this grand mother might be, heart disease or not it happens.
The older woman is the alleged perpetrator. She could have been doing this for years which might explain the girls mental health issues.

M0nica Mon 14-Mar-16 07:25:19

Neither should be believed or disbelieved until the issue has been properly investigated.

We have seen recently cases where the police have assumed people were guilty of sexual abuse because they believed that accusers always tell the truth and it has done much damage to innocent people - and cost the police a lot of money.

In a case like this where there are all kinds of other stresses in the family, both the child and the grandmother need protection until the issue has been properly investigated. It may be true, but on the other hand some children, like some warring parents, know that nothing gets everybody on their side faster than an accusation of sexual abuse