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Hildagard Fri 06-Jan-17 15:18:55

What do Gransnetters think of tattoos? My eldest daughter is covered in them, ☹️ I find it hard to see beyond them, one small discreet one is acceptable but these are all over, very detailed, very artistic but..........why Can any of you explain the need?

Teetime Fri 06-Jan-17 15:22:52

I really don't like them at all and don't find them in any way artistic or attractive.

Having said that I think for some people they are a personal statement of independence and originality that's how it has been explained to me by my many tatooed daughter (the naughty one) and her daughter. I think they may regret them later when skin starts to sag and they cant afford the cost and pain of removal but I'm probably in the minority I usually am.

paddyann Fri 06-Jan-17 15:26:33

my daughter had a small one on the top of her arm for about 10 years then after her first marriage broke down she had another huge one on her back ,its hideous and I cant believe she did it,but she's an adult and its her choice and it is covered most of the time so I dont have to see it.She has friends who have whole arms and legs covered in tattoos and like you say ,theres a lot of work and thought goes into them but its not to my taste ,my son doesn't have any and has no plans to have any

Grannyknot Fri 06-Jan-17 15:30:42

teetime a doctor I know wrote a blog about tattoos and skin stretching, it was titled "When the dolphin becomes a whale ..."

I understand the need for people to have a tattoo or two, but don't understand the body-as-giant-canvas approach.

I was fascinated when I listened to the Desert Island Discs broadcast of the Scottish woman who is a forensics expert, and she spoke about how bodies can be identified by tracing the ink in their tattoos (she was talking about victims of the tsunami, if I recall). Can't remember her name ...

Christinefrance Fri 06-Jan-17 15:33:32

I don't like the obvious large ones, small ones which can be hidden are fine. I think job prospects must be affected by large tattoos although we should see past them. It's old fashioned I know but I dislike them more on a woman than a man.hmm

Rinouchka Fri 06-Jan-17 16:17:21

I dislike them on anyone and glad none of our children have been so inclined.

Apparently, in Japan, visibly tatooed people are not allowed in certain places as tatoos are a sign of criminality. Don't know if this applies in other Far Eastern countries.

tanith Fri 06-Jan-17 16:32:37

One of my daughters has 3 small discreet tats and one on her wrist of the purple epilepsy ribbon to alert any medic should she have a seizure away from home. Needless to say I'm happy they are mostly hidden by clothes.

callgirl1 Fri 06-Jan-17 17:10:10

I hate them, whether on males or females. 2 of my daughters have a small one each, not all that visible, but one grandson, and my granddaughter, have the whole of one arm covered in them. My granddaughter`s job doesn`t allow visible tattoos, so she has to have her arms covered, even in the hottest weather.

Badenkate Fri 06-Jan-17 17:17:17

I really don't like them on anyone. I remember the soloist on the Military Wives choir who had them all over her chest - they looked terrible with a low cut evening dress. I'm sure a lot of people will regret them in years to come.

Grannyben Fri 06-Jan-17 17:26:26

I'm also not a fan of tattoos. My sil has one arm completely covered and he also has to keep it covered at work. Have to say though, If I had to choose, I would rather see someone with a tattoo that one of those ear stretcher things that leaves a great hole in their ears

ninathenana Fri 06-Jan-17 18:27:35

Neither of my children have them. I'm not totally adverse to a small descreet one. D did talk of getting a scorpion (star sign) at the base of her spine, no problem with that but to be covered in them is just ugly.

Luckygirl Fri 06-Jan-17 18:33:59

I really detest them - why anyone might want to spoil the body they were given is quite beyond me. They are so irrevocable. As we ancients will know, we do change as people over the years and doing something that cannot be reversed when you are one person might be a huge burden to you when you change as you age.

I really do think they are gross and have not seen an acceptable one yet.

We have some tattooed grandmas on here who will now give me hell! grin

Hildagard Fri 06-Jan-17 18:44:12

Thanks for your comments I am glad it isn't just me DH says it's a form of self abuse.

annodomini Fri 06-Jan-17 19:15:31

I think they look gross, though my adult GD has one which is not visible unless she's wearing a bikini. The other GC aren't old enough yet, but I wouldn't put it past them. Oh dear!

Deedaa Fri 06-Jan-17 21:46:48

My main problem with them is that most of them look awful with clothes - particularly dresses.

paddyann Fri 06-Jan-17 21:54:01

when I was young it was only ex service men that we knew who had tattoos ,mainly hearts with initials in them or mum and dad on their arm .I dont ever recall seeing a woman with one

Anya Fri 06-Jan-17 22:12:57

So what? Is it hurting other people if someone decides to cover their bodies with tattoos?

And Hildegard my personal opinion is that there is more self abuse in obesity and alcoholism than in tattooing. And I'm not aware that it is bringing the NHS to its knees as are the other two hmm

Live and let live.

silverlining48 Fri 06-Jan-17 22:13:50

I was surprised to see so many people, both men and women, generally young, absolutely covered in tatoos on the beach in majotca this year. These were not small, but massive, whole arms, legs, backs, fronts....i dont like them and am happy that neither children nor their partners have them.
Though i did wonder about a very small one on a wrist perhaos....but think it will hurt so being a coward, decided against.

Badenkate Fri 06-Jan-17 22:40:47

We were asked what we thought about tattoos Anya, and that seems to be what most of us have done. Although it's not my personal opinion, I guess that you could argue that it could be looked on as a similar kind of self-abuse as self-cutting.

mumofmadboys Fri 06-Jan-17 22:49:58

I hate tattoos.Sadly two of my sons have them. To think how I used to care for their skin when they were little moisturising little patches of eczema etc!

rafichagran Fri 06-Jan-17 23:13:24

I have a small tattoo on my back and I love it. Not chavvy or common at all.

BlueBelle Sat 07-Jan-17 04:38:19

I m not a fan of the all over tats now around, the sleeves and neck coverings the full legs

All my kids and in laws have small ones and one son in law after becoming friendly with a tattooists now has a sleeve, my second eldest granddaughter ( his daughter) had her first small one at 16 I can see more coming she is such a pretty girl and they are so blooming permanent

I ve often considered a small one myself but they have gone passed nice now so I m on the yuk side

BlueBelle Sat 07-Jan-17 04:39:13

Past...... sorry..... still wish we had an edit button

harrigran Sat 07-Jan-17 08:15:36

I find them repulsive and can not understand why anyone would want to deface their skin in this way.

f77ms Sat 07-Jan-17 08:27:35

I dislike them and think the tattoo`d ones will really regret doing it to themselves when they get older . Thank goodness my 4 children feel the same . My son has a very beautiful friend (girl) who is covered everywhere in large tattoos , she has been unable to get a job and I am sure it is the way she looks . I will be glad when this fashion has come to its natural end as they all do !