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Selling more unnecessary stuff to mums?

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phoenix Mon 17-Apr-17 20:44:48

Evening all, just watched (yet again) that ad for "special" nappies for when babies start to wriggle and crawl.(ok, they are sort of nappy pants, I'm just imagining the mess if you try to pull them down after they have been pooed in!)

Goodness knows how we managed without all these things, let alone all the dettol anti bacterial/sterile type stuff!

Do the ads seem to try to make parents germ phobic? Surely once babies are crawling it is impossible to keep them in a "bacteria" free environment.

Seems that there is a potentially huge market there, and there must be some mums going for it.

vampirequeen Wed 19-Apr-17 11:18:18

Unfortunately consumers are not very good at making rational judgements because they have been trained to be consumers by clever advertising since childhood.

phoenix Wed 19-Apr-17 14:52:53

Personally I found a knee on the chest pretty effective when dealing with a wriggling baby (joking)wink

The "no touch" hand wash dispensers for the home are just ridiculous, you are washing your hands, not getting ready to perform open heart surgery.

Grannyguitar Thu 20-Apr-17 11:10:02

I use white vinegar instead of fabric conditioner. It neutralizes the clothes, killing any remaining froth, and leaves the clothes softer. Also, vinegar is a sterilent, so you don't need expensive dettol-y things. And no, the clothes don't smell like a chip shop!