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It only takes about a minute

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jollyg Sun 23-Apr-17 13:31:26

Please ,please, posters read your post and correct before pressing the send button.

That scourge of the Devil always wants to autocorrect.

Get thee behind me Satan.

cornergran Mon 24-Apr-17 16:56:07

I get randon 'b',v' and 'n' on the ipad when I'm in a rush, hit those instead of the space bar at the bottom. Interestingly rarely 'm', wonder why? Oh dear, I know what happens when I rush but I still do it. Hopeless case.

HurdyGurdy Sun 30-Apr-17 09:01:42

Spelling/autocorrect errors (on a forum) on the whole, don't bother me. I do get slightly irritated by a post immediately following it, correcting it. Unless it changes the meaning of the sentence, then it's usually obvious what the poster meant.

M0nica Sun 30-Apr-17 15:50:17

It is a conversation not a job application. Lighten up.