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Janetblogs Sun 04-Jun-17 20:10:03

Did anybody see Tuesday's This Morning with Eammon and Ruth when they interviewed Janet and Malcolm about his affair
Hands up that was me !
Actually it was great fun - Eammon andRuth are a really lovely couple - warm approachable and love bickering with Eammon other
Got hair and makeup done as and got paid !!
Affair happened but we are stronger than ever
But can't believe how fat I looked

Maggiemaybe Mon 05-Jun-17 09:18:01

And that should be p***!

sunseeker Mon 05-Jun-17 09:31:02

Like others I can't understand why the OP started this thread. My feeling is she is just excited about appearing on TV (I didn't see it). Why anyone would choose to stay with a cheater is a mystery to me but to then to go on TV with your partner whilst he boasts about cheating on you leaves me completely baffled. If you truly feel your partnership is stronger then I wish you well but in your position every time we had an argument in the future I would wonder whether he would seek comfort elsewhere.

nightowl Mon 05-Jun-17 09:36:34

I'm with maggiemaybe.

I wasn't a member of gransnet from the beginning but I joined in the early days when people were generally welcoming towards new members. I don't watch daytime TV but I can't understand why the OP has been the recipient of such unpleasant and frankly rude responses. What the hell is going on on this forum these days? Isn't politeness and kindness something that is valued by our generation any longer?

Tippy22 Mon 05-Jun-17 09:47:44

I don't post very often but I feel quite uncomfortable with all the vitriol this post has received. I think the point the OP was trying to make on the TV was that their marriage was now stronger, wouldn't be the case if it happened to me but each to his own, and I certainly wouldn't talk about it on TV but that was their choice. i wonder if it was posted on the back of other people posting about being on other TV programmes. By the way I watch This Morning very occasionally when they have a decent guest on, does that make me a bad person.

whitewave Mon 05-Jun-17 09:48:53

Haven't a clue what the OP is talking about!!

BiNtHeReDuNiT14 Mon 05-Jun-17 10:35:18

I haven't been on G/net from the start but have been on for sometime. I suppose I have become a 'lurker' for the want of a better name as I usually get around to having a look early hours. There are still so many interesting and funny posts and political posts which can understandably stir up emotional responses BUT I do feel there are a lot more unkind and unnecessary replies becoming more common lately. Janet was just sharing her experience about coming to terms with a problem she had in her marriage and probably looking for some reassurance as to how she had come over.
You did well Janet, spoke honestly and fluently, didn't look fat! and probably helped other women who may have been in your situation.
I know of a few marriages that give the impression of being 'wonderful' but in reality they are struggling, yours is back on track and I hope you have many more happy years together.

Izzywizzy Mon 05-Jun-17 10:41:14

What a nasty bunch of grannies . Were you lot the school bullies ? I'm sure none of you would speak to someone like that face to face and Heaven forbid that someone would own up to watching daytime tv.

There's a lot of sadness in this country at the moment, such dreadful crimes committed , please can we just think and behave in a kinder way towards each other ?

BlueBelle Mon 05-Jun-17 11:05:38

I replied as I did, not to bully but because it came across as a bragging post and I ve read it again in case I was wrong but I still feel it was.... the poster has popped up in another thread to give advice on marriage and again brought up the fact she was on daytime tv and even in the Daily Mail she could easily have given her advice with out the additional information

Anya Mon 05-Jun-17 11:20:30

Well said maggie & nightowl and a few others the poor OP has enough on her plate without this attack. Talk about getting the knives out 😬

harrigran Mon 05-Jun-17 11:25:18

The clue is in the name of the OP, this will probably end up in her blog.

glammanana Mon 05-Jun-17 11:32:47

Well posted Izzywizzy my thoughts exactly and if this GNers interview brought some hope to others who have had similar problems then well done her,it could have been such a light hearted post considering all the bad news we have read about lately it has brought out all the unplesentness that has sprung up on GN over the past months its not really a very nice place to be sometimes.

Anya Mon 05-Jun-17 11:41:54

Blogs are a good way of letting angst out.

Anniebach Mon 05-Jun-17 13:41:53

Not bullying, not criticising anyone who watched day time tv. I found the excitement expressed - hair and make up done and got paid made uncomfortable reading for me . I am happy for her that her marriage is back on track but struggling through the fallout of a marriage in trouble because of an affair must be so painful , surely excitement over a free hair do and make up is rather shallow

angelab Mon 05-Jun-17 14:01:10

For once I agree with Annie! I did think the tone of the OP was rather bragging.

Riverwalk Mon 05-Jun-17 14:07:09

Actually it was great fun

I can't imagine a less fun experience than talking about a husband's infidelity on national TV.

The OP is obviously thick-skinned, publicity-seeking, and open to comments, otherwise she wouldn't have appeared on TV and further advertised her situation on Gransnet.

Anya Mon 05-Jun-17 14:07:29

God forbid we don't stick to the British English way of doing things 🤔

Keep our eyes down, don't make an exhibition of yourself, stiff upper lip, just get over it, a woman's place and all that.......hmm

stillaliveandkicking Mon 05-Jun-17 14:39:19

I'm with Maggiemaybe here.

Most on this thread should be struck off the site.

WilmaKnickersfit Mon 05-Jun-17 14:46:39

The older I get, the less judgemental I get.

I always said if my husband cheated on me it would be the end of our marriage. It would be an issue of pride and trust. However, the longer we're married, the more I have to lose and the thought of starting over gets harder and harder. Now I think I will deal with it if it happens. I won't be telling anyone else though, or at least not someone very close to me.

Jalima1108 Mon 05-Jun-17 14:47:11

don't be daft saak
[but perhaps the thread should be deleted as the OP is obviously not anonymous]

BBbevan Mon 05-Jun-17 15:22:14

When I wrote" I don't know what you are talking about" early on in this thread, it was true. I never watch This Morning and had no idea who Malcom and Janet were. I stil don't.

Norah Mon 05-Jun-17 15:42:55

No bullying here. Admitting I would not talk about his affair, or stay, happy to murder him, is not but my truth. The op is living her wishes, that we all could do the same quite as happily.

Bobbysgirl19 Mon 05-Jun-17 16:12:57

Hi Janet

Didn't see the program, but just googled it and got the gist of things, also read the newspaper article about your story that is online. Good news that things worked out well for you both, as must have been a shock at the time, ten years ago.
Best wishes.

stillaliveandkicking Mon 05-Jun-17 17:08:50

Don't tell me not to be daft Jalima. Sometimes a few words make all the difference.

HillyN Mon 05-Jun-17 17:17:16

Almost ashamed to admit it, given some people's comments, but I quite enjoy This Morning. I don't watch it every day but watch selected items on the website. I'll nip over to it later and see if I can spot you! Glad you had enjoyed yourself.

stillaliveandkicking Mon 05-Jun-17 17:26:11

Most on this site don't read the Daily Mail either Hilly but funny enough, living in an affluent area of London, I can't buy the damn thing after midday grin