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Had my birthday yesterday

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Emsgran Sun 02-Jul-17 22:04:11

got two messages, how sad is that?

Skweek1 Mon 03-Jul-17 10:19:02

Sorry you're feeling a bit down. Happy belated from me, too! On the bright side, at least you weren't reminded by your friends and family of the fleeting nature of time and your advanced years! Greetings and hugs. Sheila xxx wine flowers cupcake

Mspjam123 Mon 03-Jul-17 10:21:32

flowerscupcakecafewinesunshine belatedly wishing you all of these! x

Kim19 Mon 03-Jul-17 10:23:20

Point is, were the two you received the 'important' ones? I've always regarded my birthday as very special to ME. Resultingly, I do something self indulgent trivial or otherwise. When I worked, I always earmarked 'my' day for leave. Any cards I receive from unexpected sources are a real pleasure but I would be both surprised and hugely disappointed if my 'specials' didn't arrive. They tend to send a text on the day as well but that is probably mistrust of the mail service. Undoubtedly, someday my incoming numbers will diminsh. That's life, unfortunately. I sound as though I'm being inundated. Not so. Four deffos and the odd surprise is my lot. That'll do me. Hope your wee setback didn't linger throughout the day and that the remainder was happy. They're all pretty good in that......we're still here and counting! Hallelujah!

Jalima1108 Mon 03-Jul-17 10:23:28

Belated birthday wishes emsgran flowers and cupcake
And to Dannierae flowers and cupcake

I'm glad you saw your family yesterday emsgran.

This year DH and I went away on my birthday weekend (no, not a treat for me, his 'do') and I told a friend we would be away. She rang me on the day before we went, chatted then said 'there's a reason why I've phoned you today and I can't think what it is. Oh well, never mind' grin. I didn't remind her.

JanaNana Mon 03-Jul-17 10:25:08

Happy Birthday for yesterday Emsgran.......Its friends of my own age who actually send the cards to me as I do them, rather than my family members (two exceptions my daughter and sister) everyone else either forgets until prompted by someone else or does"nt bother. They all do FB messages to each other as think sending cards either a waste of time and money or just old fashioned. Non of us live close to each other either so family gatherings to celebrate don"t happen often unless it's a BIG birthday. I still keep up the tradition of sending cards and a gift to all my family. My husband has said before now "I wonder if they"de notice if we stopped the sending" perhaps we should. However it's what I do so I would"nt stop. Some people think birthdays only happen for them ...I just take it as a sign of the times now.

Musicelf Mon 03-Jul-17 10:30:25

Happy Birthday, Emsgran - belatedly! I'm another one who has no friends to send birthday messages, so I know how you feel. My mother always insists I look at all her cards each year and she has so many, I can't help feeling a bit sad each time.

Anyway, I'm glad you had family to make your day. flowers

Tess1 Mon 03-Jul-17 10:30:36

Belated Happy birthday. I also read the posts but have never posted myself. But urs touched my heart .

Wendy4 Mon 03-Jul-17 10:32:54

Happy Belated Birthday from me too!

BoboGran Mon 03-Jul-17 10:49:13

Happy Birthday Emsgran and can be so painful to feel forgotten I a way cards show us all we are still held in hearts and minds....i think that is so important....and as we get older I guess inevitably less cards...and nd I am much more likely to forget to send them too....I try to have reminders about buying and sending cards....but some times still forget. Something I read somewhere about aging said "the head may forget but friendship in the heart can never be forgotten. :

Humbertbear Mon 03-Jul-17 10:54:43

Happy Birthday Emsgran. I'm sorry your birthday was so quiet. Why don't you buy yourself a little something every month, wrap it up and put it away so next year you have 12 gifts to open. They don't have to be anything big - just little treats.

Also, you do belong to any groups? Are you able to get out and join something?

Sulis Mon 03-Jul-17 10:56:56

Many many happy returns of the day, EMSGRAM. flowers, cupcake, sunshine XXXX

Sulis Mon 03-Jul-17 10:58:43

ooops! the icons didn't come up. Sorry! but sending you flowers, cupcake and sunshine XXXX

DanniRae Mon 03-Jul-17 10:59:09

Thank You everyone for my Birthday Greetings - I really appreciated getting them.

Words can't express how much I LOVE being on GransNet and feeling part of such a special 'group'!!

To You All - From Me!!


hulahoop Mon 03-Jul-17 11:04:08

Happy birthday to all πŸ’πŸŽ‚ I know a lot of people who don't send cards I won't stop its good to give and receive cards I think postage puts some people off it can cost more than card !!

myk4dmicky Mon 03-Jul-17 11:15:56

Hope you had a lovely time with your family Emsgran, despite the lack of cards. I only get cards from family which is lovely.My one friend whom we met in France always forgets. I have lost contact with all friends as since we moved to the south coast 35 yrs ago and I was35 ,I have suffered chronic back and pelvic pain, I'm now 68, and find it very hard to meet friends. I think you would be surprised how many people are in the same situation so don't feel too down. I also don't post things on the site, but really enjoy reading them. A very HAPpY BIRTHDay for yesterday ,I'm sure you'll make many friends on the site.X flowers

gillybob Mon 03-Jul-17 11:16:51

I always only gets out 5 cards (sometimes only 4 sad) so I guess unless you have a large friendship group and a big family then what more can we expect? It really doesn't bother me and my birthday is so near to Β£mas (that time of year ) no one ever has any money left anyway .

gillybob Mon 03-Jul-17 11:17:26

get about not gets out !

maddy629 Mon 03-Jul-17 11:19:58

Emsgran, a very happy belated birthday to you. I'm sure you will find lots of friends on here. We are a friendly bunch, right girls?sunshine

Everthankful Mon 03-Jul-17 11:20:58

Happy Birthday from me XXX. Mine is two days after Christmas so often gets lost between the Christmas and new year activities!

Molly10 Mon 03-Jul-17 11:39:14

Happy Birthday, Emsgran, et al x

You are not sad by the way, if those two messages shone like gold and brightened your day, better than a trickle of cubic zirconia anyway.

If you haven't already, put your feet up and treat yourself today.


millymouge Mon 03-Jul-17 11:43:15

Although the birthday messages are a little late Emsgran and DanniRae they are none the less sincere flowers and some wine for you both.

Blinko Mon 03-Jul-17 12:04:08

Hi Emsgran, belated happy birthday cupcake flowers. We have a West Midlands meet up now and then if that's any good for you? Birmingham usually but could look at other locations.

sweetcakes Mon 03-Jul-17 12:09:23

Hope you both have a wonderful year ahead of you 😘 have fun, Take care πŸ’

Lindylou23 Mon 03-Jul-17 12:17:24

Belated birthday wishes. It is hard to make new friends as you get older. Be kind to yourself. X x

conners13 Mon 03-Jul-17 12:18:18

Happy Birthday flowersDo something you have wanted to for ages but never got round to.