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MawBroon Tue 11-Jul-17 06:30:58

AIBU to feel a tad nauseous at all this fuss? Why doesn't Princess Eugenie host a party for children with life limiting illnesses? Or who may have been directly or indirectly affected by the Grenfell Tower fire? Or disadvantaged kids?
I don't criticise any parents for making a fuss of their little girl's birthday but this over publicised "Royal/Celebrity" combination strikes me as unutterably NAFF.

Witzend Sun 16-Jul-17 15:28:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Witzend Sun 16-Jul-17 15:26:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Deedaa Sat 15-Jul-17 21:18:10

I imagine the problem with the Beckhams' boy in Madrid was security and the risk of kidnap. The family didn't move to Italy when David played for AC Milan because they'd been warned by the authorities that they couldn't guarantee the children's safety.

Imperfect27 Sat 15-Jul-17 14:23:20

I read in the I today that the actress Romola Garai (starred in Atonement) says celebrities should be prosecuted for posting pictures of their children online - that there is every chance of a backlash in 20 years time with grown up children then complaining. She has a very good point. We don't own our children / grandchildren. We have all seen photos of children that could potentially be of embarrassment to them when they are older. When my DGC was first born I was a little disappointed that my daughter didn't want any pictures of him online. I felt a bit left out of the granny-brag brigade to be honest, but now I feel that was / is right. When we put any picture online we lose control of the image. There are lots of means by which we can share photos more privately with those we want to.

Jalima1108 Sat 15-Jul-17 11:56:12

Going back to the OP, I think it would have been a good idea for Eugenie to have invited some disadvantaged children along with the Beckham daughter and others to the party.

Wonder if HM knew about it hmm

Jalima1108 Sat 15-Jul-17 11:52:16

I don't know Hilltopgran
There is always a warning at school events about posting pictures on social media and asking permission of other parents. However, people still do it.

Hilltopgran Fri 14-Jul-17 23:02:00

Why would a Father post images of other peoples children in public. It does not matter who the Father is surely all parents today know it is not acceptable. Beckhams son was at Mums and Tots with our DGD in Madrid and Beckham bodyguard would step in and prevent parents taking photos of the son, I wonder why they have changed their views. Other parents whose children were in the photo have every right to be a annoyed.

Iam64 Fri 14-Jul-17 22:26:55

Currently George and Charlotte seem to be enjoying a secure, happy childhood. It's something their mother seems to have had and their father wants that for their children.
Wealth and privilege will protect you from food banks or being too poor to keep up payments on housing or heating but it wont protect from all the other challenges life throws at all of us. I can't understand people who make cruel, unfeeling comments about children.

Rigby46 Fri 14-Jul-17 22:23:07

I just don't understand how so many people use social media - especially fb and twitter so openly in such a stupid way. So many jobs now have social media policies that staff have to sign up to and professional regulatory bodies have it as part of their codes of practice. Unbelievable.

Anniebach Fri 14-Jul-17 22:04:26

What a horrid thing to say about a tot, he will not have worries about the gas bill etc but all the wealth of the windsors cannot protect him from life's difficulties

MissAdventure Fri 14-Jul-17 22:00:47

Ugh! Our taxes go towards keeping that 'article' in her job!? What a nasty piece of work!

Jalima1108 Fri 14-Jul-17 21:25:11

I would know who they are but would not follow them (had no idea about the party until I read it on here). What little girl wouldn't be thrilled to bits to be a princess in a palace for a day although I agree that it was wrong to share on social media.

People who criticise children, like that dreadful woman who was so nasty about Prince George, are just nasty and full of hatred in my opinion. Prince George is totally unaware that he is privileged and all she ought to have said was that she wished that every child should be happy and be able to smile like him and that that was her aim in life as someone who worked for the British Council.
Angela Gibbins, Head of Global Estates for the cultural relations organisation, which is partially funded by the taxpayer, made the comments in response to a photo on social media captioned: “I know he’s only two years old [sic], but Prince George already looks like a f**** d***head”,
Posting a message beneath the picture of the young prince, she reportedly wrote: "White privilege. That cheeky grin is the innate knowledge he's royal, rich, advantages and will never know any difficulties or hardships in life"

“Let’s find photos of 3yo Syrian refugee children and see if they look alike, eh?”

Of course Syrian children deserve better in life, as do many children, who could not agree with that, and we would like to see every child as happy as George but that is no reason to despise a young child who has no idea about life as yet.

Vile woman, she deserved to be sacked.

rascal Thu 13-Jul-17 20:07:31

I do not loath people Iam64. I am not interested in celebs probably because I hardly watch any tv so I wouldn't recognise most of them. When my Daughters were young they would have loved to have been a 'princess'. When we visited castles they would ask if the Princess was in there looking in her jewellery box. They did have dressing up princess dresses though and the 'jewellery' to match. Oh these were the days. They are married now with children of their own and I am a Gran now. Happy days. flowers

Iam64 Thu 13-Jul-17 18:52:15

I'm the same rascal but, m daughters were exactly the right primary school age to be fans of the Spice Girls. In addition, we are fans of MUFC going back three generations so David B was significant from the day he signed. He's pals with our neighbour, Gary Neville and texts would often fl between the girls, by then teenagers, that Becks n Neville were at the local garage/pub/carvery. I can't find it in my heart to loathe many people, certainly not that group. They aren't 'just' celebs, they are talented and very hard working.

rascal Thu 13-Jul-17 15:17:10

I agree with Nelliemoser I have no interest in Celebrities. If any of them came to the door I wouldn't know who they were. grin

Anniebach Thu 13-Jul-17 13:40:58

Why all this critcism of this family? So the little girl is called princess by her father, why not? They have a lot of money, did they steal it? I disagree that they acquired money without working, footballers like Beckham work hard for a career that will not last until old age. Mrs B is no different to other pop singers who make a lot of money. Seems their crimes are remaining married and loving their children.

Iam64 Thu 13-Jul-17 13:29:14

Wow! "Loathe the Beckhams and all they stand for". hard work and love of family, working to keep a marriage going when so man who don't even know you, can't wait for it to fail. I also have a close friend who worked with V and DB for several months. I'm told VB does smile, has a sense of humour and both dote on their children.
As has been said, live and let live and if life is impossible without loathing, try and direct it at those who cause deliberate harm, rather than people whose lifestyle you disapprove of.

merlotgran Thu 13-Jul-17 12:49:17

PS. I don't think Stella has anything to worry about. I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasn't a clue who these kids are. hmm

merlotgran Thu 13-Jul-17 12:46:10

The way I understand it, the party wasn't for Harper's birthday. She just happened to be on the guest list but the Beckhams posted pics on Instagram to make it look as though it was her 6th birthday bash.

Stella McCartney, whose daughter was also invited is apparently spitting feathers because she fiercely guards her daughter's privacy and would not have given permission for the pictures to be put on social media.

The whole McCartney clan is well-known for keeping their private lives private so I wonder if the publicity seeking Beckhams are now off the Christmas card list? grin

grumppa Thu 13-Jul-17 12:42:00

"I don't agree that the Beckhams had to "work" to achieve what they got." That's not entirely fair, lemondrizzle. David worked hard for years to become and to continue to be a successful professional footballer, and there must have been some work involved in being a Spice Girl.

The rewards may seem disproportionate to many of us, but that's hardly their fault. At least there was no inherited wealth to complain about.

Jalima1108 Thu 13-Jul-17 11:52:29

Gosh, it must take so much energy to loathe people you don't even know!!

This party wasn't even on my radar, I must lead a sheltered life grin

Greenfinch Thu 13-Jul-17 11:11:19

The Royals are as much to blame as the Beckhams

henetha Thu 13-Jul-17 10:53:44

Oh, come on..... live and let live, eh?

Day6 Thu 13-Jul-17 00:20:23

I loathe the Beckhams and all they stand for.

They are using social media to promote themselves, posting controversial family photos to cause a reaction. The more they are in the limelight, the more the cash registers keep ringing. They rely on publicity, and will use their children and name to create lucrative work opportunities.

I cannot believe that Eugenie hosting a palace party for Harper Beckham at Buckingham Palace was approved by any of the royal family. It's tacky in the extreme, and of course Beckham had to send out his own, private photos of the event to let the world know about it.

All those who say the Beckhams and the royal family are 'friends' must be deluded.

David Beckham has met royalty and has worked alongside royalty, occasionally. That is the limit of their acquaintance. Can you really imagine any of royal family willingly spending time entertaining the Beckhams? They have nothing in common. Beckham used a connection to wangle a Palace party. I imagine he paid for it too. Then he had to let the world know about it.

It's a royal faux-pas and I imagine the awful Andrew and his daughter will be chastised. I expect they took money for allowing access. It doesn't do much for the royal family if the palace is now a party venue and poor children don't get a look-in, does it?

It all stinks of money, privilege, sycophancy and self-publicity. What 'look at me' scheme will the awful Beckhams come up with next?

Deedaa Wed 12-Jul-17 23:04:56

A friend of mine has worked with the Beckhams and got to know them and Victoria's mother very well. He thinks they are a very nice family and Victoria, particularly, is devoted to the children. He is totally uninterested in football or any sort of celebrity and was barely aware of them before they met so he really hasn't been blinded by their fame.