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to think that Dollybabe versus Leader should never have happened?

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maryeliza54 Sun 13-Aug-17 10:02:56

Clarke's names for their boys and girls school shoes this year. Guess which is which. Jacob Rees-Mogg on Broadcasting House is aghast. To be fair Clarke's have now removed the names but who on earth thought it was a good idea to start with?

Maranta Sun 13-Aug-17 10:10:25

Well, it was free advertising after all, so maybe they thought they were being clever!

Teetime Sun 13-Aug-17 10:12:29

Clarks always call their shoes ridiculous names.

maryeliza54 Sun 13-Aug-17 10:15:01

You mean they might have deliberately chosen to be provocative to get their school shoes mentioned? Heavens to Murgatroyd (sp?) - that would be dastardly fiendish (as JRM might say)

maryeliza54 Sun 13-Aug-17 10:16:39

Do they Teetime? I'll go and have a look.

Iam64 Sun 13-Aug-17 10:18:25

If it was indeed an advertising ploy - cause outrage and get on the front pages, I'm not sure which offends me most. The notion than someone in Marketing is so stupid or that the senior managers agreed this is a Good Idea to get noticed. Yuk yuk and more yuk. I bought Clarks for my children, now buy for my grandchildren (following the family tradition started by my own grandparents.).
I'll have to find alternatives

maryeliza54 Sun 13-Aug-17 10:18:42

Lilfolk Bud? Lilfolk Bud?

TerriBull Sun 13-Aug-17 14:42:33

Oh for heaven's sake just read about this in The Sunday Times, who in God's name at Clark's thought this was a good marketing strategy. I bet they are incandescent over on MN, and quite rightly so. I usually buy my granddaughter Clark's shoes for the new school year at the beginning of September, will have to think of an alternative source now. "Dollybabe" how utterly nauseating particulary when pitted against the macho/sexist "Leader" shoe for boys angry

Leticia Sun 13-Aug-17 15:40:40

Apart from names why do boys get robust, practical and sensible shoes and girls get ones that are useless for running around the playground etc.?

Ana Sun 13-Aug-17 16:56:20

Wasn;t there another recent ad which was complained about, where the soles of Clark's shoes were described as 'tough' for boys and 'sensitive' (or similar) for girls?

MiniMouse Sun 13-Aug-17 17:21:34

Just heard that Clarks have withdrawn them due to feedback!!

AlieOxon Sun 13-Aug-17 17:48:31

Good. Forget my thread on the same subject!

DanniRae Mon 14-Aug-17 08:40:46

I've always found the names that Clarks give their shoes quite ridiculous. I have a pair of their boots called Matron Ella - such an unglamorous name I think.

paddyann Mon 14-Aug-17 10:35:15

we always called black patent shoes with a strap "dolly " shoes,or Mary Janes ,its just a name.I dont think the dolly part was the issue it was the BABE ..and the Leader for the boys .Someone will get their wrist slapped for that .

ninny Mon 14-Aug-17 13:20:51

Who cares what the shoes are called as long as they fit your child and are comfortable, can't see a problem.

NanaandGrampy Mon 14-Aug-17 14:19:39

I'm with you Ninny - I have NEVER checked the name of a shoe before buying. I put the names right up there with the stupid names make up companies give their colours.

I DO have an issue though that boys shoes appear more robust, scuff proof, thick soles etc and girls do often seem flimsier ( more fashion shoes than school shoes).

Kittye Mon 14-Aug-17 14:31:59

I agree with ninny who cares what they call shoes. I'd never bother looking at names of shoes. What a fuss !!

rosesarered Mon 14-Aug-17 14:39:13

I agree, it's a silly name for a child's shoes but I wouldn't worry about it.The name will be in small print on the box and that's it ( and the box will be thrown away soon enough.)

maryeliza54 Mon 14-Aug-17 14:44:59

Well Clarks have responded to the criticism. The names used do reflect the design of the shoes in that the girls shoes seem less aimed at more robust play whereas the boys are much better designed for every day school life. It could be that basic thinking needs to change in children's shoe design and that the names are indicative of that problem within Clarks.

Smithy Mon 14-Aug-17 19:32:20

Think some people need something else in their lives if they get het up about the names of kids shoes! Honestly!

Jalima1108 Mon 14-Aug-17 19:39:18

Both my DGD were wearing Nike trainers today which is just as well as they hurtled round the play park and climbed the rope pyramid and played football.
I haven't noticed what their pretty Clark's sandals are called but do agree that someone in the design team needs some retraining.

Jalima1108 Mon 14-Aug-17 19:41:21

It's sublimal brainwashing

Jalima1108 Mon 14-Aug-17 19:41:32


Maggiemaybe Mon 14-Aug-17 19:51:26

Plenty of the Clarks girls' range are robust, sensible and practical, if you can get your girls into them (I'd have had one hell of a job). The shoes are dolly shoes, that's what the style's called, for good or ill. The Babe moniker is ludicrous. It must be hard coming up with new names, but I can't imagine how this was ever approved.

mcem Mon 14-Aug-17 20:09:58

Dgd (7) is much harder on shoes than big brother (8).
New shoes at start of easter term worn out in a month and next pair were very scruffy before end of summer term
( June).
Think they'd swap???