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Security request from an online shopping site

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Devorgilla Tue 21-Nov-17 12:10:22

I signed up to a new site last week which my daughter had recommended. I am not naming the site as I do not believe that they were at fault. My concern was, that having placed two orders, payable on the same card, I received an email from the site asking for very sensitive personal information to confirm my connection to the card I had used. This was only for the second order. They wanted me to send an up to date utility bill, a credit/debit bill valid for the last three months and a photo ID. I refused and cancelled my card so that the second order could not be processed. The first lot of items are due to be delivered today and I have tracked them through Royal Mail. I raise this on our site because someone else might feel they have to send this to complete an order. My concern was that all of the above requested could be used for identity theft. Has anyone else been asked for this amount of detail for an online site? My only experiences of having to provide such items is when opening a new Bank/Building Society account, and then always in person.
I phoned the Company and was told it was an error which is why I have not named them. However, being very cautious about my security online, I preferred to lose the goods rather than proceed. My daughter never had such a request from them and has never had any trouble with orders and receipt of same. I intend writing to the firm to ask for a more detailed explanation than I got on the phone. Beware - this could be a new way to extract your personal details by a hacked site.

Devorgilla Tue 21-Nov-17 12:48:10

Update: I received the order and the goods were exactly what I ordered. This for me confirms the online site is a legitimate one that just seems to have had an internal problem. I still intend to question why they requested such sensitive personal information.

Friday Tue 21-Nov-17 12:55:48

You did the right thing Devora well done for being alert.

Squiffy Tue 21-Nov-17 12:56:32

That all sounds very odd! I don't think 'an error' even begins to cover it! Hope you receive a satisfactory explanation.

NfkDumpling Tue 21-Nov-17 13:01:34

It sounds to me like they may have a problem with an employee who could be selling this information on. You did right to alert the company.

Willow500 Tue 21-Nov-17 13:08:58

It's the sort of information a company would request from a client trying to set up an account but not a personal card purchase which would be covered by the credit card company. I think you did the right thing not giving them the information - definitely not a normal thing to do.

petra Tue 21-Nov-17 13:27:35

It's either an employee or their website has been hacked. If it has been hacked you certainly won't be told as this is the last thing a company wants you to know.

M0nica Tue 21-Nov-17 22:07:36

No reputable retailer would ask for this information. Even if verification was needed it would be your card issuer who would ask for it not the retailer themselves. They would ask for answers to the security questions you set when you took the card out (mother's maiden name, first school), never for bank statements, utility bills etc.

I agree with others. This site has been hacked or an employee is selling on data or attempting some scamming om his own account.