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granoffour Thu 01-Mar-18 12:46:03

I'm always starting conversations with random people I come into contact with. I think everyone has a story and its just boring to go through life not making contact with human beings. We all have so much to offer. I've made a lifelong friend this way. Met her in a supermarket and we ended up going for coffee and have been friends ever since (25 years now). I met a woman in a coffee shop once who did Pilates lessons so now I go to her classes and I feel like a new woman. I find out about so many new things by just chatting. And listening. My daughter on the other hand finds it acutely embarrassing and squirms when I start talking to someone when I'm on the bus or out and about with her and the grandkids. How about you? Have any interesting connections come up in your life as a result of a random conversation with a stranger?

grannyactivist Fri 02-Mar-18 20:09:19

It's a bit of a family joke that whenever we go out all together we have to allow extra time on walks etc. for my father-in-law to strike up a conversation with random people. He's genuinely very interested in others and, as he has a brain the size of a planet, he can talk knowledgeably about almost anything. He has the knack of making people feel special.

Glitterknitbaby Sat 03-Mar-18 18:15:46

I have a very close, long time friend who I met at the seaside while sitting on a bench we chatted all afternoon and even though we live a couple of hundred miles apart we still keep in close touch. I speak to everyone, everywhere, once had a wonderful conversation with the Archbishop of York on an Intercity train

jordana Sun 04-Mar-18 20:21:05

How lovely to read about how friendly people can be. I would love to be more of an extrovert but basically I am not and have to overcome a degree of shyness. When I was younger, I must have come across as ' standoffish" rather than being shy

Tegan2 Sun 04-Mar-18 20:27:45

Was that John Sentamu Glitter? He blessed something at Bamburgh Church one day and then had his photo taken on the cricket pitch with all the villagers. We arrived there at the same time and I said I didn't want my photo taken as I had no make up on, and he just grabbed me by the arm and made join the group. A lovely man; so warm and friendly.

giulia Sun 04-Mar-18 20:44:30

I was once approached by any elderly man in the street with the remark "You ain't a local yokel!". After chatting a while, he told me that he had fallen into depression after his wife died a couple of years before and that his doctor had advised him to talk to a stranger every day. I was his "stranger"of the day. He also said that he had quite recovered.

DiscoGran Sun 04-Mar-18 20:59:00

Maggiemaybe, I could have written exactly the same.
If everyone did this, there would be fewer people feeling lonely.

janeayressister Sat 10-Mar-18 13:13:05

I love talking to strangers and so did my Mother. I was once crossing the road with her and turned round to see her in the middle of the road talking to a complete stranger.
I saw that article janeaisworth so I shall be living to a 100 as well.
It's really nature though, isn't it ? I have a DD and a DH who wouldn't talk to anyone, as they are introverts.

ginny Sat 10-Mar-18 14:05:36

I’m another who loves a chat with random people. My DDs are the same. I have acquired several good friends this way. It’s always nice to put a smile on someone’s face just by a few friendly comments. Even in Vietnam last month DH and I enjoyed an hour sitting by a lake chatting to two young girls who asked if they could talk to us to practice their English.

Blencathra Sat 10-Mar-18 17:34:58

I always chat to random people- it makes the world a better place. I am an introvert - you don't have to be extrovert to do it.

NotTooOld Sat 10-Mar-18 18:23:36

Me, too! I often strike up a conversation with a stranger. It's amazing what people will tell you. Like others, my children and grandchildren think I'm weird!

pensionpat Sat 10-Mar-18 18:40:05

Varian I'm sure that clergyman benefitted greatly from you giving him a good listen. If he had spoken to someone who knew him, they may have done what so many of us do- gone into rescue mode and offering solutions. It is natural but sometimes we need to talk/think out loud.

Grandma2213 Sun 11-Mar-18 03:06:34

I love chatting to strangers and finding out about their lives. I have always been quite shy but find that now, just starting a conversation is quite easy and very interesting. Unlike others it does not lead to anything exciting or new friendships but it keeps my mind occupied for a while and I always remember the conversations. I hope it does for them too.

stella1949 Sun 11-Mar-18 05:16:14

Not really answering your question - but just a comment. If you are out with your daughter and the grandchildren, maybe that isn't the best time to be striking up random conversations with strangers. My mother used to do that, and we'd be left stranded while she talked away to someone else. Maybe your daughter feels like I did - you're out with her but more interested in strangers. I can identify with that completely.

Glitterknitbaby Mon 12-Mar-18 23:46:49

Sorry for the delay in answering Tegan2 yes, it was John Sentamu, a charming gentleman who was interested in my day and where I worked and told me all about where he was going for the day. Another time I had a chat to Ed Milliband who was just about to catch a train at Coventry Station