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To feel disappointed with my Slimming World Group?

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GrandmaKT Mon 05-Mar-18 20:50:13

I joined SW a few weeks ago. The diet is great - seems to be working for me and I am losing weight steadily.
However, I am so disappointed in the support group! To start with, I was a bit taken aback to see that the group leader is absolutely immense - far bigger than any of the people who attend. I don't know if she has lost a lot of weight (difficult to imagine), or if she is currently losing weight. She talks about the SW meals she has eaten that week but never discloses if she has lost or not.
Secondly, I was hoping that the group would help to keep me on the straight and narrow by maybe questioning if I wasn't losing weight quickly or even gained it. Week after week though, there is a parade of women who are frankly making very little attempt to stick to the diet (I'm talking Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Indian meal in one week! )Not a word of criticism or questioning how they could have done things differently. I know the ethos is to be supportive, but this is ridiculous!
Exercise hasn't been mentioned once. So far I keep going, but, after 5 weeks, I'm becoming de-motivated rather than encouraged by the sessions.

MarySunshine Mon 05-Mar-18 21:15:09

I have been around SW for two years where I lost a couple of stone and now attend as a target member (to keep me on track!) I have attended different groups over that time but have never experienced (or heard of) anything like the one you have joined..
Support is an important part of your weight loss journey and its important that you enjoy staying to group, which is usually about sharing tips, recipes, and ideas to help those who have had a 'bad' week .. But there is NO criticism in a group session and Ive seen group leaders in all shapes and sizes, so maybe that is the norm ..

I would suggest trying a different group rather than loosing heart in SW, because the plan certainly does work for most
Good luck with your weight loss :-)

Cherrytree59 Mon 05-Mar-18 21:16:35

I would like to return to my local
Slimming World group, but even though I had a good weight loss with them last year (mostly put back on now), I am reluctant as I didn't click with the class leader or enjoy the meeting afterwards.

I prefer the Slimming world diet and food choices,
However I feel that Weight Watchers run better classes.

GrandmaKT do you have another Slimming World class near by?
Maybe give another one a try.
You can attend any SW Class through out the country.

Check out the GN March thread
Plenty of diet and healthy eating support

Good lucksunshine

seacliff Mon 05-Mar-18 21:19:30

I would find another group. I've had similar problems some years ago. You need an inspirational leader. Go and sit in on another group and see what you think.

JenniferEccles Tue 06-Mar-18 17:24:18

Unfortunately there are so many people these days who are in complete denial about their weight, so maybe the ones you mentioned are just sort of 'going through the motions' of joining a slimming club without any intention of giving up their unhealthy diet.

The enormous group leader doesn't exactly inspire confidence either does she?! How on earth can she help others lose weight when she has clearly failed herself?

As others have said a different group would be your best bet.

Nanabilly Tue 06-Mar-18 17:48:14

I think you need to change the class you go to but make sure it's a different leader. I went to one some years ago where I did not rate the leader as she had her little clique who she spent time with and directed all her efforts into those few people and ignored any questions from the rest of us .
The leader can make or break things for you can't they ?
All she ever did was tell me to eat more fruit. I had yogurt in a morning with kiwi , banana, blueberries, Apple and strawberries .
Then I was told by my gp to only eat 2portions of fruit a day and stick to banana and Apple mainly . He also said he had said right at the beginning to go to weight watchers as it's stricter and better results.
To me SW allows far too many free foods can you eat as many Muller lights yogurts as you like and not have to count them in your allowances . I did read somewhere though that SW were disconnecting contact with whoever makes mullers so I wonder if they still say they are free food.

Sar53 Tue 06-Mar-18 21:45:32

My DD1 lost a lot of weight with SW a few years ago. She has subsequently had her third child and has recently returned to SW. She is losing weight and gets a lot of support from the leader and other members of the group.
I think all groups are different and perhaps you need to see if there is another one you could go to.

MillyG Wed 07-Mar-18 15:20:54

I attended a SW group for a couple of years and successfully lost 4 stone. However, in that time the group had 2 leaders, both overweight, and a couple of 'stand ins' covering for holidays etc. One was very slim, the other was (is) grossly fat.
I believe that a person has to have lost at least 2 stone before they can become a consultant but SW apparently don't insist that they maintain that loss.

I now subscribe to an on-line site called Nutracheck, its calorie counting but easy to do, and I generally eat the SW way. I miss attending a group but, like the OP, found there was often a lot of binge drinking and eating being talked about, which I found made it hard for me to remain 'in the zone' and keep focused. The on-line group has a lot of supportive articles, forums, advice, and you can chat with someone if you want to, so I'm giving it a go and doing ok so far.

Good luck with your journey, however you decide to achieve your goal - its a very worth-while thing to do and you'll feel fantastic when you get slimmer and can buy lovely clothes in ordinary shops.

GillT57 Wed 07-Mar-18 15:37:09

I found exactly the same as you GrandmaKT at my local SW group; a group who seemed to be part of the 'inner circle' and too much emphasis on fake foods, and on promoting their own books and convenience meals. While I realise that there is a place for a quick convenience meal at times, I would have liked to have seen more emphasis on making your own meals, making lower calorie versions of favourites. I also found that the sight and sound of mature women saying they had been 'naughty' the previous week put my teeth on edge, and yes you are right, there was an awful lot of 'I was doing ok until I went out three nights, drank 2 bottles of wine each time and then had a kebab on the way home'......

OldMeg Wed 07-Mar-18 15:50:20

And obese group leader for a ‘slimming club’ ???

That wouldn’t fill me with any confidence for a start.

GillT57 Wed 07-Mar-18 16:29:17

Indeed. I decided to sort it out myself, and I have found books like the Hairy Bikers one where they have healthier options for food hat we all like to eat are a better option. Their sweet and sour Chinese chicken is lovely.

OldMeg Wed 07-Mar-18 18:00:18

Have you tried their Peppered Steak with mushrooms or their Spanish Chicken? Love their recipes.

GrandmaKT Thu 08-Mar-18 22:31:37

Thanks everyone for your support and wise words! I didn't realise I could go to any group. There are lots in my area, so I may try another one. GillT57 - I agree, there seems to be too much emphasis at the groups on fake foods and convenience meals (which I never use). I believe they have their own range at Iceland - I wonder if group leaders are told to promote them?

Elrel Fri 09-Mar-18 01:21:18

SW ready meals were just what I needed after a TKR and I lost weight. They all have the recipe on the pack so that you can make your own.
I've tried WW and SW groups and prefer the latter. I've seen some impressive results achieved irrespective of the dimensions of the group leader. A beautiful young woman in the group I attend has lost 4 stone in a year and has more to go. Another brought in her old jeans and could easily stand in one leg.
If a person has the self control to major on vegetables and keep an honest food diary results can be achieved. I'm a backslider yoyoing up and down but at least I'm not putting on weight. The SW recipe books are helpful, my copy of the Little Book of Soups is dog eared from frequent use. SW chips are surprisingly good too.