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BlueBelle Fri 23-Mar-18 10:24:50

For the last two days I ve been trying to pay a bill with EON I went to my account it wouldn’t let me on, it assures me I have the wrong password although I have it written down so I know it’s right, never mind I ll do it over the phone, ring the number at the top of the letter I received a few days ago ...wrong number, tried many times thinking I m making a mistake, no wrong number, go onto google find a different number altogether, ring that, held on for 20 minutes gave up
Start again today Rang the original number in case it was a just a glitch yesterday no, still wrong number, back to my account tried again still wrong password, but now it tells me I m locked out, so I try a live chat but it won’t let me into that either, back to the second Googled phone number hold on another 20 minutes GIVEN UP they can send me a red bill, bugger them
Ps googled the letter phone number and it has a digit round the wrong way on the typed letter tried that still hanging on so I m finished they can chase me
Need a coffee

Iam64 Fri 23-Mar-18 11:02:12

BlueBelle - your experience sounds familiar from descriptions from friends who are with EON.

cornergran Fri 23-Mar-18 12:07:31

You have my sympathy BlueBelle, when you finally speak to a human tell them you want your experience escalated as a complaint. That usually gets someone whois understanding with cross customers and in my experience a rebate. Worth a try. In fairness I haven’t had your particular issue with incorrect phone numbers but have been locked out of my account for no apparent reason. We pay our bills by direct debit so little need to contact them.

Dontaskme Fri 23-Mar-18 13:13:37

As conergran says when you get through say you want to escalate it to the complaints dept. Tell them due to the stress and having to waste so much of your time trying to sort out their error with the wrong phone number and also not being able to log in/time on the phone you will be leaving. I did this with Eon (have now changed supplier) and got a £30 fair something or other payment off my bill. Eon for me were awful and now I hear they've done away with their dual fuel discount and the discount for paperless billing - a sneaky way to increase prices without putting prices up me thinks.