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Scam a again

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BlueBelle Sat 24-Mar-18 14:51:28

I ve just had a phone call about ‘my BT line number xxxxxxx ‘ I answered by saying ‘ I m not interested in your call’ He replied ‘ Well just go and fxxx yourself’ he said it twice then hung up
Just thought I d share that as it’s got to be the best one yet and I hadn’t even had time to saying anything ‘anti scam’ to him
Glad I m not easily shocked

Hollycat Wed 28-Mar-18 19:15:31

We have a BT Guardian phone. You programme it with the numbers you wish to receive calls from, family, friends, doctor, etc. If a different number calls they are asked for their identity and then the phone advises you that you have a call and you can either answer or decline. We haven't had nusience calls for the last three years!

fluttERBY123 Wed 28-Mar-18 19:19:42

I love it felice! Dutch eh? I could try that with Spanish next time if I happen not to be busy.

BTW - if you get a call saying check us out with your bank use a different phone to do so - I expect most people know that, just saying.

BlueBelle Wed 28-Mar-18 19:22:01

BT is not my provider and I m guessing you have to pay for that service.?
I m not that bothered by nuicence calls they are just that an annoyance but I was a bit surprised by the new mode of abusive language used ( I haven’t encounter that in the past) but I m guessing they are getting a lot of abuse themselves and perhaps not catching so many folks out any more and getting a bit frustrated

Direne3 Wed 28-Mar-18 20:08:11

Anyone else getting irritating calls from their utility company 'currently in your area' and 'ready to install your smart meter'? Caller from EDF did a really hard sell for something that I had previously declined several times, it took ages to get him off the line. Had the same problem when we had a new boiler installed last year (British Gas) when their guy put on the same pressure. I suspect that there is a bonus system going on. We know what we don't want - heard some bad reports - and I am well aware of our usage and quite enjoy reading the meters.

Direne3 Wed 28-Mar-18 20:13:21

Sorry, I appreciate that my post is somewhat off subject but although I was very firm I did feel quite bullied. Just needed to let off steam.

luzdoh Wed 28-Mar-18 21:02:12

Should I feel jealous? I have never received such a call. This is the first time I have heard of them!

Mind you - I have an answerphone that asks people to say who they are and it usually comes on before I get to the phone as I am disabled and slow. People who know me know this and talk to it.

Louise5 Wed 28-Mar-18 21:04:40

I always tell them I am the housekeeper. That usually makes them think and then they hang up.

My mother-in-law tells them she is the lodger! It seems to work for her.

luzdoh Wed 28-Mar-18 21:16:13

HootyMcOwlface You had me worried! My credit card bank is very quick on spotting "unusual use of your card" and phoned me about it being used in Topshop. They know we aren't that trendy! The scammers try your card on a lowish purchase before they spend a lot elsewhere.

Marydoll Wed 28-Mar-18 22:02:39

I had an email from my credit card provider, saying that someone in the USA had tried to use my card to buy pornograph games and gave a contact number to call.
I thought I was being clever and phoned the number on the back of my card instead, as I thought it was a scam.
When I spoke to an agent, her first words were, "Are you phoning about the fraud on your card?"
The email was actually genuine.genuine. ?

Grannyparkrun Wed 28-Mar-18 23:31:43

Regarding the risk of someone very old not answering the phone at all because of nuisance callers; we have a rule with our 92 year old mother that friends & family will let the phone ring 3x, then stop & ring again. These are the only calls she answers, as being told her (nonexistent) computer was having problems or that someone was using her (nonexistent) credit card, was really distressing her. All other calls, Dr, dentist etc can be diverted to a family member.

barbaranrod Thu 29-Mar-18 07:33:54

i told one of these "people " .oh i am so glad you called ,now this is what i need from the shop John ,then i proceeded to give him a lengthy shopping list ,! ,well he hung up ,how rude was that ,??and he never brought my shopping ,,mind you i have not had one of these calls for a time now ,so perhaps this is what to do in future

BlueBelle Thu 29-Mar-18 08:41:09

Luzdoh have you been in hibinatin for the last twenty years how can you not have HEARD of scam calls If you haven’t had any that’s great but never heard of them is unbelievable ?

starlily106 Thu 29-Mar-18 11:25:02

My dgd works in a call centre and gets lots of abuse from some customers, so it works the other way around too. She doesnt actually phone them, they call the company because they have a complaint, and some of the calls she gets are really nasty. Surprisingly some of the vile things that have been said have come from old ladies. The staff have to warn the callers that if they don't stop swearing they will terminate the call. If the abuse continues, then they get cut off. Any of the staff that doesnt comply with the rules of conduct when taking calls, which are recorded, is sacked.

FarNorth Thu 29-Mar-18 11:27:33

"I do seriously wonder why they bother with these calls as I don't know anyone who would actually buy anything over the phone. How is it worth their while?"

I recently needed to withdraw a large sum of cash from the bank. I was asked various questions, about whether someone else had asked me to withdraw this money etc.
The cashier told me that a surprising number of people do move money on instructions from "their bank" on the phone, or believing they're getting an investment opportunity.

narrowboatnan Thu 29-Mar-18 16:35:31

I don’t get many of these calls since we moved aboard as we no longer have a land line, just the odd one on my mobile number. But the best one, some four years ago, was from a female asking if I’d had an accident in the last six months. When I said no, I hadn’t had an accident at all she then asked if I was planning to have one! Honestly! I almost spat my coffee out laughing.

charjoy Thu 29-Mar-18 21:15:23

I'm with TalkTalk and they now have a new system where you do not need to answer the calls unless you want to. Normal calls (friends etc) will come through but you have a choice whether to accept all the other calls.
If it is anything urgent they can always leave a message on the answerphone but they ring off!

Cressida Sat 31-Mar-18 23:22:56

I had a call today from a foreign sounding man who said he was from Benefits UK. Instead of just hanging up I decided to be nice and let him chatter. He called me by my name and went on to tell me I lived at number * . I said "No, I don't". He said "You're lying" and put the phone down. We've been in our current house for over 4 years! His information was a bit out of date.

HillyN Sun 01-Apr-18 16:42:20

Cheers narrowboatnan, I laughed so much I really did spit out my tea (into the cup, luckily). Talk about clutching at straws!