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Your life,Your Games,Your whatever😲

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Bridgeit Sun 08-Apr-18 09:07:55

Moving on from ‘Own it’ I have just tuned into watch the Commonwealth Games .The commentator has so far introduced :- Your afternoon, Your live, Your Games, Your results. No no no ,it’s THE Games , etc etc I know it’s unimportant but it just sounds so wrong!!

Teetime Sun 08-Apr-18 11:56:17

Definitely not my games I want no part of it- anyway the golf is on.

Bridgeit Sun 08-Apr-18 17:27:30

No no Teetime,your are going to watch ‘Your Golf’ 😀

lemongrove Sun 08-Apr-18 19:51:57

DH is watching ‘the’ golf ( it’s certainly not mine!)

Bridgeit Sun 08-Apr-18 19:56:06

😁 & I don’t blame you Lemongrove.

AlieOxon Sun 08-Apr-18 20:02:23

Must see, must get, must watch....