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Fountain pen versus the modern day Computer.

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Panache Wed 11-Apr-18 09:17:19

As a lonely young child living deep in the countryside with no siblings or nearby friends of my age,writing became my saviour and great joy,eventually finding penpals not only in this country but abroad.
How I loved and eagerly awaited the arrival of the small red post van daily,hoping and praying he would deliver a letter, so that I could not only enjoy reading the contents but could sit at my little desk up in my bedroom,fountain pen poised ready to write back by return!
There seemed a constant flow to write about!!
I always insisted on using a fountain pen and have never taken to using anything else, and certainly no biros,always taking as much great pride in my presentation as to the contents.
Of course I am talking about life many moons ago,long before the Computer became so popular and an everyday piece of kit in most homes.
I still insisted on writing my letters by hand up until fairly recently, as I would handwrite all thank you notes etc, but with age and disability I am afraid eventually the computer has transformed my life........and my writing.
Personally I am saddened that I cannot manage a long drawn out hand written letter any longer, but nevertheless thankfully embrace a machine that helps me continue with my love of writing..... which it seems never diminishes!!
So what are your thoughts on the fountain pen versus a modern day computer?I am sure there will be some vast and varied thoughts.

Auntieflo Thu 12-Apr-18 08:58:26

What riches Greyduster ! I don't remember winning anything other than a certificate

Rufus2 Thu 12-Apr-18 10:12:48

Yes Situpstraight!
Computer every time. I find handwriting cheques is getting dangerous nowadays {grin]
I'm liable to enter too many zeros. shock

I can't remember when I last received a hand-written letter; certainly not a bill; birthday cards don't qualify; greetings come via email. grin
BTW You'll be pleased to know, if you don't already, that my multiple rogue postings have been removed promptly by GNHQ Thank goodness! You can still "get it" as you say , with what's left.!
Apparently I'm not the first. Phew! That's nice to know. smile

annodomini Thu 12-Apr-18 10:22:03

The only hand-written letters I send nowadays are letters of condolence. Somehow or other that feels more personal than e-mails. Last time I used a fountain pen was in an Open University French exam. It was part of a set DS2 had given me and I hoped it would bring me luck! I passed. I still have the pen lurking unused but not unloved.

Greyduster Thu 12-Apr-18 13:50:16

It didn’t last long, Auntieflo! grin