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My Postings How do I find them again?

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Rufus2 Fri 13-Apr-18 10:28:43

I need help! I'm new here and still wandering around looking at all the various forums.
When I've seen a posting of interest, I've stopped to put in my 2 penn'orth and promptly forgotten where I was.

GransnetHQ have helped and I'm working through their advice, but has anyone developed a super-duper, simple, sure-fire, foolproof scheme, for keeping track?

Or is to be the old pen and paper technique, which is not entirely reliable if you can easily lose paper scribbles.? hmm
Good Health

Greyduster Fri 13-Apr-18 10:31:34

I simply look on ‘I’m On’ for the threads I have contributed to - usually jogs my memory although sone move on at such a pace that you often have to look a long way back to find your posts! There is probably an easier way!

Windyweather Fri 13-Apr-18 10:33:24

Hi Rufus 2 and welcome. I'm fairly new too, but posted a few times.

Hope I'm not stating the obvious, but if I want to see my posts I just click on 'I'm on' (top of page, under Gransnet logo).

Panache Sat 14-Apr-18 17:31:56

Much the same advise here Rufus 2 although you soon get the hang of things let me assure you.
I too am a mere newbie.
I tried all the options to see where each would lead me!!!
Good luck.

harrigran Sat 14-Apr-18 20:04:08

If you go to I'm on and scroll down your postings should be highlighted in pink.

Jalima1108 Sat 14-Apr-18 20:14:15

Your own posting may not show up on the 'I'm On' list - with older ones it is only the more recent postings.

However, if you click on that, as harrigran says, your posting will be highlighted in pink and you can read any subsequent posts.

BlueBelle Sat 14-Apr-18 21:12:30

I too use ‘I m on’ but can I just say I m on the mobile site and my posts do not show up in pink on the ‘I m on’ page they look the same as everyone else’s They show up in pink on the actual thread but not the ‘I m on’ page