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Hit and run drivers escape punishment

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alreadytaken Fri 15-Jun-18 20:37:54

Anyone you love could be hurt or killed by a hit & run driver and the way the law stands it is to the driver's advantage to leave the scene, especially if they are drunk or drugged. The very least a law should do is expect people to stop & call for help.

I'm trying to help publicise this petition and get it to the 10,000 signatures that will ensure a government response. This is mot my family - but surely any decent person should want to support them.

Please read the petition & sign it then share widely. This family could be your family.

JustALaugh Fri 15-Jun-18 20:54:39

Signed. This is something I feel very strongly about

alreadytaken Fri 15-Jun-18 21:08:29

Thank you. If you use Facebook or twitter a share or tweet might help us push it up.

I'm disgusted that the law encourages people to leave the scene.

nanaK54 Fri 15-Jun-18 21:42:54

I have already signed this - hope that it reaches the 10,000

alreadytaken Fri 15-Jun-18 22:02:48

It's creeping up, just need to keep it going

annep Fri 15-Jun-18 22:32:43

signed and shared on facebook.

Redtop1 Fri 15-Jun-18 22:52:07

I have signed this

alreadytaken Sat 16-Jun-18 09:33:57

Thank you. Would like to see it reach 8k this morning.

alreadytaken Sun 17-Jun-18 08:00:29

Still need your support - this could be your grandchild

Greenfinch Sun 17-Jun-18 08:07:23

Signed.I had not realised the benefits to the driver of not stopping at the scene.

Maggiemaybe Sun 17-Jun-18 08:39:04

Already signed.

alreadytaken Sun 17-Jun-18 20:35:56

benefit for the driver - yes, not for the person lying bleeding in the road who may be unable to get help. Please sign and encourage your adult relatives to do so.

Bathsheba Sun 17-Jun-18 20:46:54

I've just signed this. It's so important - thanks for bringing it to our attention already. Now up to 8,241.

alreadytaken Sun 17-Jun-18 23:09:47

Thank you for signing.

alreadytaken Mon 18-Jun-18 09:15:50

whenever I bump this the numbers creep up - so thank you for signing and sharing

alreadytaken Mon 18-Jun-18 13:08:25

Still need more signatures, apologies if you have already signed.

felice Mon 18-Jun-18 13:16:54

Tried to sign it but I live outside the UK so went by a bit of a roundabout route, good luck.

fourormore Mon 18-Jun-18 13:21:58

Signed no problem - but make sure you click on the link in the email they send you or your click won't count! Tiz simple though and so worth while!

alreadytaken Mon 18-Jun-18 14:23:55

Thank you. If you live outside the UK try and encourage any friends here to sign.

There are people who are trying to prevent the petition reaching 10k by blocking posts on the internet!

alreadytaken Mon 18-Jun-18 16:02:58

Just letting a few more people see this.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 18-Jun-18 16:08:36

Thank you for bringing this to my attention- signed today.

Bookatbedtime Mon 18-Jun-18 17:42:32

Just signed and posted on Facebook and Twitter

alreadytaken Mon 18-Jun-18 20:32:35

Thank you so much

alreadytaken Mon 18-Jun-18 21:39:09

Pleased to say Brake have taken this up

We will be appearing on the Crimewatch Roadshow this Friday talking about this very issue, unfortunately your petition will be closed by then. However, we have communicated your petition on both twitter and social media and will likely reference it on the crimewatch programme.

alreadytaken Mon 18-Jun-18 23:06:15

goodnight all, see you tomorrow.