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Poldark . AIBU?

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Alexa Mon 18-Jun-18 09:02:57

AIBU , when a dear old friend rings me from Canada at quarter to nine we chat for ten minutes then I say I don't like to sound unfriendly but can I ring you back after my favourite TV drama ?

Beechnut Mon 18-Jun-18 11:39:34

Alexa I believe I player does have subtitles. Go to their help/FAQ and it will tell you what to do.

Kim19 Mon 18-Jun-18 11:57:18

Sorry but if I was the 'dear old friend' I wouldn't be in a hurry to ring you again. Rather think the onus is on you for a return call.

humptydumpty Mon 18-Jun-18 11:59:52

Alexa, can you pause live TV? Also, iPlayer does have subtitles...

grumppa Mon 18-Jun-18 12:19:36

A phone call during Poldark would have been most welcome.

annodomini Mon 18-Jun-18 12:49:38

ITV+1 and channel 4+1 are useful, if you're out when your favourite programme is on.

annab275 Mon 18-Jun-18 13:02:12

my brother rang me just as Poldark started - I said I would call him back. He was a bit miffed as I hadn't seen him in months and he had just come back from holiday. He said, ' so you would rather watch Poldark than talk to me?" I just said yes of course, and made a joke about it. He popped round the following week and we had a good catch up - no harm done.

Bathsheba Mon 18-Jun-18 13:03:05

ITV+1 and channel 4+1 are useful, if you're out when your favourite programme is on. So long as your favourite programme isn't on BBC1, like Poldark wink

sarahellenwhitney Mon 18-Jun-18 13:14:53

Alexa. Press R for record. It is then there for whenever you wish to dispose of.

mabon1 Mon 18-Jun-18 13:21:06

Record it or use catch-up on Smart tv. Problem solved

GabriellaG Mon 18-Jun-18 13:27:12

Here's an idea.
Find out which are her favourite 'wouldn't miss them for anything' programmes and the times they are on, then, taking into account of the time difference, ring her 5 minutes after the start of the one she likes best.
If she asks you to ring back as she's busy or some other excuse, then do it a second time the following week.
If she puts you off again, that gives you a 'clear' conscience to do likewise.

moxeyns Mon 18-Jun-18 13:57:59

I would say that if you were my "friend" I wouldn't bother to call you again, as clearly the doings of some imaginary folk on the box in the corner of your living room are so much more real and important to you than our friendship.

Hm999 Mon 18-Jun-18 14:28:49

Pause button?

Purplepoppies Mon 18-Jun-18 14:48:08

Most remote controls have a subtitle button. So even if you recorded something you should get them.
Or just pause the tv. Most will pause for an hour.
I do think real people are more important than the television though....

Katek Mon 18-Jun-18 14:54:29

Depends on your Sky package but we have a live pause facility. You can just stop the programme and start it again after your call

FlorenceFlower Mon 18-Jun-18 15:57:34

Some friends I know well enough to say, ring you back in ten minutes, am just watching the last few minutes of a programme, and none of us take offence.

I wouldn’t say that to my father, aged 96, because he generally only rings if there is something wrong.

It’s not always possible to tell who is ringing - on my phone, if people call from abroad I don’t see a number.


BlueBelle Mon 18-Jun-18 16:06:23

Oh for goodness sake Gabriella that’s petty
Of course you re being totally unreasonable or maybe not a very good friend She doesn’t know you re sitting down to watch something just as she rings
Just decide which is the most important to you, a friend or a tv programme or ask her to ring at a different time that’s not hard is it? Better than simmering away annoyed
Record it, watch on iplayer with subtitles on or forget it and enjoy your friends conversation

Coconut Mon 18-Jun-18 16:07:52

Would you be upset if she just stopped ringing you ? I always ask myself what is more important ... and it’s not the tv !

willa45 Mon 18-Jun-18 16:45:11

If it's a regular occurrence, why not arrange (in the course of your conversation), to call at a specific time or a more convenient 'window' of time?

Blinko Mon 18-Jun-18 17:37:31

Poldark = total melodrama. And Ross could do with a kick up the erm....eighties. You can almost hear the booing when Warleggan comes on screen. Or the repulsive Osborne.

pollyperkins Mon 18-Jun-18 17:56:08

Well I can see both sides here. I think I might ask if she could avoid ringing just at this time. I know I’ve been peeved when my son has rung during a favourite programme (a year or two ago) and asked it I could ring him back. Now with a sky box I just pause or record the programme. It’s OK with family if its just a chat, but for a friend abroad it’s a bit different. But I know I’d be devastated to miss an episode of a favourite series if I had no means of catching up. A difficult one!

merlotgran Mon 18-Jun-18 18:01:03

You can almost hear the booing when Warleggan comes on screen.

That's why we love it. grin

Nothing like a villain who is so well played he's bound to be a really nice guy in real life.

Jalima1108 Mon 18-Jun-18 19:29:50

I have heard that he is lovely in RL
as is the odious Reverend

Bridgeit Mon 18-Jun-18 19:34:05

Yes it probably did, but there was no contest really, good for you for being brave, many’s the time I have missed the last bit or an entire programme because I wasn’t,👍

Nanna58 Mon 18-Jun-18 19:45:06

Oh Mawbroon, the ‘scenery ‘😍! I have to admit using the pause button when the scenery has it’s shirt off lol !

Nanny41 Mon 18-Jun-18 22:05:01

If your friend calls regularly, try to arrange a time which suits you both, as the time difference might interfere a bit.
When I ring anyone here, I dont live in the UK, I always ask if I am disturbing them, no matter what time of the day. Here there is an unwritten rule, nobody rings after 9pm except in an emergency, quite odd really.