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Poldark . AIBU?

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Alexa Mon 18-Jun-18 09:02:57

AIBU , when a dear old friend rings me from Canada at quarter to nine we chat for ten minutes then I say I don't like to sound unfriendly but can I ring you back after my favourite TV drama ?

goose1964 Fri 29-Jun-18 07:28:54

can you pause Tv? we often have to do this on saturday nights because DH always underestimates hows long it takes to cook a curry

Jane10 Wed 27-Jun-18 09:33:30

You'll love it. I can hardly remember life before I had the ability to just pause while I go and put the oven on or answer the phone.

Alexa Wed 27-Jun-18 08:50:15

I am shortly going to receive that thing from Virgin that will let me pause the TV programme. Thanks for all advice.

SparklyGrandma Wed 27-Jun-18 02:17:50

I am enjoying this series...

Blinko Tue 26-Jun-18 10:23:07

Looks like I'll need to start on the books....grin

pollyperkins Tue 26-Jun-18 10:15:14

I read the books years ago and I vaguely remember what happens to Elisabeth. (Whoops! Too much info?)

merlotgran Tue 26-Jun-18 09:44:28

I've re-read the books, Blinko. So far, each series has followed them fairly accurately so all I'll say is a LOT happens in this one.

Blinko Tue 26-Jun-18 08:41:17

Merlot shock re Osborne, how do you know? Is the whole thing on iplayer? Or is this from the first series? Or the book even? I am agog now.....

Bathsheba Mon 25-Jun-18 20:48:52

pollyp I didn't say, in my original comment, that I was talking about the short gap between GC going away to school and then reappearing this week - that was your interpretation of my post smile. I was actually referring to the entire programme, all 4 seasons. Perhaps I should have made myself more clear.

pollyperkins Mon 25-Jun-18 20:34:10

Jalima grin

Jalima1108 Mon 25-Jun-18 20:07:21

It must be all that sea air and fresh fish that keeps Demelza looking so young.
Poor Geoffrey Charles has been packed off to dirty London to school - and the drinking doesn't help either.

pollyperkins Mon 25-Jun-18 20:05:32

Well they obviously have to use another actor as he is suppised to be growing up.

Jalima1108 Mon 25-Jun-18 20:02:11

Perhaps he has just become more sophisticated hmm

pollyperkins Mon 25-Jun-18 19:55:40

Yes but he was around 12 in series 3 when he was trying to get Morwenna & Drake together. So not straight from toddler to teen -there was an intermediate stage. That's what I meant. I cant do links but you can find a pic of him in series 3 if you google it.

Jalima1108 Mon 25-Jun-18 19:53:19

Nice to see Verity again.
I enjoyed seeing Verity again too!

As for ageing - they each have a mirror in the attic

I read that Christian Brassington, pictured, (aka Rev Whitworth) takes Ellise Chapell (aka Morwenna) out for dinner after their rather traumatic scenes so that they can both get back to normality. (sorry if I spoilt that for everyone grin)

JenniferEccles Mon 25-Jun-18 19:29:29

I can sympathise with you Alexa

Whenever I phone a friend I always, without fail ask if I've called at an inconvenient moment, or if they are busy.

That gives them every opportunity to say they will call me back later, and I have NEVER taken offence, even if, on rare occasions I have caught them just watching tv.

Phone calls can be an intrusion after all can't they?

Bathsheba Mon 25-Jun-18 19:27:26

pollyperkins he has gone from newborn to teenager since season 1. Ross and Demelza got married in Season 1, episode 4; Geoffrey Charles was born in Episode 5 of that season. So in fact it is more extreme, not less, than toddler to teenager smile

pollyperkins Mon 25-Jun-18 18:31:04

Well it wasnt quite as extreme as toddler to teenager. He was about 10 when he put frogs in the pond or whatever it was and was sent off to boarding school But I agree none of the adults have changed.

Bathsheba Mon 25-Jun-18 18:16:26

I’m a little bewildered how Geoffrey Charles can go from a toddler to about 15, and in all that time neither Ross nor Demelza appear to have aged a jot. Nor George for that matter confused

merlotgran Mon 25-Jun-18 18:07:10

George might be a 'boo, hiss' villain but Geoffrey Charles couldn't have a better stepfather. He's done up the house he will one day inherit and pays for his expensive education. His social life benefits as well.

I liked the young GC scampering across the beach with Jake and Morwenna. Not so sure about the teenage one.

Nice to see Verity again.

Jane10 Mon 25-Jun-18 17:39:34

I know it's wrong but I really like George Warleggan! Poor man always struggling and never getting the better of Poldark (who still looks like he smells awful!) Elizabeth is beautiful but Demelza is frankly spoonfaced! Hard to believe her attraction to that boy who died. He looked about 15.
Dr Ennis seems to have lost a lot of weight.
I'm being harsh I know - I do enjoy Poldark though!

Marmight Mon 25-Jun-18 17:08:12
Here you are Callgirl! Hope it works.....

pollyperkins Mon 25-Jun-18 16:48:18

I'm worried about Dwight and Caroline. Is there something wrong with the baby?
Dont we all love to hate George, and the Rev Whitworth too!?
I must admit I got fed up with Demelza last week for all that mooning and wailing about Hugh (is that his name? Her admirer who died.) It was all so sentimental it drove me mad.

merlotgran Mon 25-Jun-18 16:41:58

I'd let you know, Blinko but it would be a spoiler grin

Blinko Mon 25-Jun-18 16:31:42

I missed last weeks show, due to apathy and something else on one of the channels. Can't recall what. Picked it up this week, though (nothing else on at that time apart from MOTD 'highlights'. Melodrama doesn't even start to cover it.... When is someone going to put an end to the odious Whitworth? Grr.