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AIBU to hate this hot weather

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sazz1 Fri 29-Jun-18 22:43:57

As soon as the temperature goes over 23C I start to feel ill. I have to lie down somewhere cool as I feel weak and dizzy. The GP can do nothing to help apart from saying stay indoors out of the sun. Now everyone else is loving the weather, neighbours are out sunbathing and eating al fresco, local toddlers splashing in paddling pools etc and I'm laying on my bed day after day feeling awful. Sorry to moan but is anyone else in the same boat and can't wait until Autumn?

Purpledaffodil Sun 01-Jul-18 22:27:38

GrannyFirstLight what great advice and what a lovely picture you paint of your life on a farm. So interesting to readflowers to you.

lemongrove Sun 01-Jul-18 22:27:46

As we have visitors arriving the week after this for the whole week, that’s exactly when this hot dry weather will end, and it will pour down endlessly whilst we gaze moodily out of the rainy windows and wonder what to do to fill the time!
So make the most of this week.☀️?

seacliff Sun 01-Jul-18 22:28:17

Yes Ian, it's a lovely unspoilt pebbly beach with lots of wild flowers growing on it. But I must be honest and say that it isn't ALL scenic, as there's a nuclear power station at one end! I position my chair facing the other way.

seacliff Sun 01-Jul-18 22:35:59

Sorry, my last post should have been to Iam.

Tartlet Sun 01-Jul-18 23:15:37

I don’t cope with heat very well and it grieves me to have to stay mainly indoors during the day to try to keep relatively cool. Today has been hotter than the previous few days and I’m still too warm in shorts and T short even at this time of night.

I’ve been comforting myself today with thoughts of all the poor folks in the US who are having to cope with temps in excess of 100 degrees during this heatwave they’re having.

newnanny Mon 02-Jul-18 00:18:34

I can't tolerate the extreme heat as well as I used to as I grow older. I do like many others up early and do as many jobs as I can before 10.30am, include making a meal for evening e.g spag bol, hanging out washing on line, hoovering, loading dishwasher, and then I do very little and stay indoors until after 5pm when I go out into garden as it cools and get washing in. Between 10.30-5pm I read, wash TV, rest on sofa with my feet up and drink plenty of iced water.

GrannyFirstLight Mon 02-Jul-18 00:30:32

Thanks, Purpledaffodil.
You know what's so puzzling to me is when siblings will each react so very differently to climates. I have siblings who live in southern states and Caribbean and they love it. I would die! Granted they are darker skinned and I am more fair skinned, but really....same genetics. Must be something hormonal? When I get time away, I head for Iceland and northern Scotland. My sisters shiver at the thought!
Hope you all find some comfort during this hot weather - wherever you live.
Next few days will find me hosing off the collie - then myself!

GabriellaG Mon 02-Jul-18 02:05:34

I'm exacly the same. One year I felt as if I HAD to lie on the floor in Waitrose by the checkout as I thought I was dying...weird but true.
Luckily our ambulance station is only a few yards away and they took me to hospital after stabilising my heart-rate which was through the roof. It was late afternoon about 5pm as I never go out to shop or sit outside between 12-4pm.
I'm ok by the sea or in shade but I much prefer Spring and Autumn and can even go without a coat in winter. I haven't eaten anything except fruit and yogurt for more than a week. Food just doesn't appeal.
Other than not liking this weather, I'm perfectly healthy and not on any meds. I hope it rains soon...overnight would be good.

Apricity Mon 02-Jul-18 05:57:20

I was rather puzzled by all the suggestions to take salt tablets or eat more salty food when the weather warms up. I'd never heard of anyone taking salt tablets despite having lived for 67 years in a climate where a normal summer is considered warm when the temperature gets over 30C and hot when it gets over 40C. So I did some research and the modern advice is that nobody needs extra salt unless ordered by their doctor or they are running marathons or doing other ultra sports and may need electrolyte balanced fluids.

Most of us already consume excess salt in our daily diets and certainly don't need extra. Lots of the symptoms people are describing are more likely to be the result of dehydration so the best and simplest thing to do is drink more water, more often. Nothing fancy or exotic just plain old water and not tea or coffee as they exacerbate the dehydration. Stay cool.

OldMeg Mon 02-Jul-18 06:26:03

Many athletes will take salt supplements to prevent hyponatremia, which is a low concentration of sodium in the blood.

Hyponatremia may occur when there is an excessive consumption of water, which dilutes electrolytes in the body, and/or through sweat- induced or other electrolyte loss.

Millie8 Mon 02-Jul-18 08:14:59

Makes me feel ill too. I think it's a bit unkind to call us whingers. It makes life so difficult especially when your other half loves the heat. I think it's SAD in reverse - that's my reasoning anyway!

SeaWatcher Mon 02-Jul-18 08:31:57

I don't mind it up to about 26 degrees, as long as there is a breeze but in London it has been quite overwhelming, probably because of the high density of housing, traffic and the air pollution too. I try to keep the house as cool as possible but I do find the heat makes it hard to sleep and drains my energy in the day. It's different on holiday (although I don't like to be in much over 26 degrees even then) as hotels are air conditioned. A couple of years ago a strange, rather scary looking man got on a bus I was on and sat next to me. I was doing my best to be polite without engaging in conversation when he suddenly said if he told me what month of the year I was born and the date, would I stop being wary of him. On a 1st guess he got the month right and said the a window of three dates, next to each other and said he thought my birthday was the middle or first one. He was correct. He then said, " You're a child of the frozen north and you should get your heat from fires and furs, not the sun. The sun isn't good for you". It was late October so he couldn't have known how I felt about the sun. I had to get off at the next stop to go to work but I have often wished I could have stayed on the bus longer to hear what else he might say. I often think about what he said when feeling too hot in the summer.

sodapop Mon 02-Jul-18 09:06:29

I do feel like I am whinging when everyone else is enjoying the summer (it seems) but I feel so uncomfortable and lethargic. We had storms and rain in the night so it's cooler than yesterday's 40 degrees. I may be able to get some jobs done today.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 02-Jul-18 09:07:43

You're in good company here, sazzl I can't bear it either. The house really needs vacuuming (and dusting too) but I can't be bothered in this heat.
It's debilitating, isn't it? What little ironing I need to do I try to get done fairly early on before it gets too warm. Puss tries to lie in the shade so he's not enjoying it either.
Sister said to put my feet in a washing up bowl of cold water and I may try it soon.

icanhandthemback Mon 02-Jul-18 09:36:33

Apricity, it is standard advice for people who suffer with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, along with drinking more water. The hot weather can really make the symptoms of this condition much worse.

Cindy8 Mon 02-Jul-18 10:28:06

I absolutely hate the hot weather give me a thunderstorm or a mountain full of snow any day, the heat just knocks me for six and makes me feel bad tempered. I wonder if its because im a winter baby.⛄

homefarm Mon 02-Jul-18 11:20:45

Grannyfirstlight - you only have a 1 in 4 chance of what you inherit genetically, so you and your sisters may have a different mix of genes.

Indigoblue Mon 02-Jul-18 12:57:24

It's the cold that hurts me (ankle leg and hips). As the temperature drops, I stiffen up. So for me, this intense heat is just about right.

GrannyFirstLight Mon 02-Jul-18 13:21:37 that's the reason we are like a bag of mixed nuts! (One of the reasons anyway....) smile

icanhandthemback Mon 02-Jul-18 13:34:26

GrannyFirstLight gringringrin

travelsafar Mon 02-Jul-18 13:40:32

For the first time since this really hot weather i have a feeling of overwhelming tirdness.I was out at 8.15 this morning to take my sister to the hospital.Got back about 11.45.Had lunch, and having been pottering around doing some bits and pieces, now i feel worn wout and in need of a siesta, but its only just gone 1.30. I have taken chicken out to defrost and have just washed some new potatoes for this evenings meal then i am gonna submit to the feeling and have a doze.Have so much to do including some sewing but the way i feel i will stitch my fingers to the machine!!!smile

Jalima1108 Mon 02-Jul-18 14:23:15

I was very silly this morning and attempted some housework - didn't get as far as vacuuming before I'd had enough!
Now for a read in the garden smile

Bellanonna Mon 02-Jul-18 14:25:15

Mind those mosquitos Jalima

Jalima1108 Mon 02-Jul-18 14:29:22

I'll try to avoid them Bellanonna (my legs are a sight to behold with bites though).
Insect repellent - must remember to use it!

Jalima1108 Mon 02-Jul-18 14:31:12

I saw just one flying ant this morning - they usually come out en masse in about mid-July.
I wondered if this one, which was crawling, not flying, was inspecting 'outside' to check whether or not it's time to alert the rest of them to evacuate the nest .....