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AIBU to hate this hot weather

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sazz1 Fri 29-Jun-18 22:43:57

As soon as the temperature goes over 23C I start to feel ill. I have to lie down somewhere cool as I feel weak and dizzy. The GP can do nothing to help apart from saying stay indoors out of the sun. Now everyone else is loving the weather, neighbours are out sunbathing and eating al fresco, local toddlers splashing in paddling pools etc and I'm laying on my bed day after day feeling awful. Sorry to moan but is anyone else in the same boat and can't wait until Autumn?

JaneA Mon 02-Jul-18 15:45:19

I saw one flying ant this morning too. The fish love them.

Jalima1108 Mon 02-Jul-18 18:07:13

Whatever it was, it bit my arm this time Bellanonna
makes a change from legs and feet.

Chewbacca Mon 02-Jul-18 18:18:43

Be careful Jalima if they bite your foot. The bite that I got on my foot more than 3 weeks ago is only just healing. It became really badly infected; the first I've had on my foot and by far the worst.

Jalima1108 Mon 02-Jul-18 18:22:10

Mine take ages to heal as well Chewbacca
I put insect repellent on my feet and ankles but not my arms - Duh!

Bellanonna Tue 03-Jul-18 00:34:24

That’s bad luck Jalima. I, too, had one on my foot, not infected like *Chewy’s, but very unpleasant and still there after a few weeks. We stay out of the sun and we get attacked by the bugs. Unfair!

MiniMama Wed 04-Jul-18 09:33:27

I'm starting to panic..
My daughter is considering moving to the States with her husband who is American, and our only granddaughter who is 5. She had a serious breakdown after the birth and has just come off antidepressants. They are considering the move as the senior schools where they live are not good and she likes to plan ahead.
She is and always has been a home bird, liking routine, needing to know and planning everything.
I'm so worried, considerng the state of the US re gun controls, daily shootings, lack of mental health care etc how she will cope. I've always had a rule of non interference and don't want to put dampers on plans, so what should I do, say nothing or speak up?

MiniMama Wed 04-Jul-18 09:34:12

Sorry wrong thread!

Banjoash6 Thu 05-Jul-18 21:04:25

Roll on cooler weather. Agree sunny days lovely but not this heat. Gardens and farmers and a lot of us want and need more rain and less heat.

MawBroon Thu 05-Jul-18 21:07:52

Well it hit 30 here in N Bucks today and I feel like a big lump of lard!
No energy, no get up and go, no concentration.
Ah well, this too shall pass!

lemongrove Thu 05-Jul-18 22:30:42

Me too Maw and it’s going to get hotter over the next few days!
Now starting to worry that it will be the same when we have visitors staying, and have to go out and about every day, and cook meals! Gasp!

Chewbacca Thu 05-Jul-18 22:33:52

I've got to spend the day baking tomorrow for a family event. I'm dreading it. Do you think there's any chance I'll have sweated a couple of stones in weight off?

hildajenniJ Thu 05-Jul-18 23:59:44

I put factor 50 sunscreen on my face and neck. Ambre Solaire, I've used it before! It brought me out in an ugly red blobby by rash. I'd rather have been sunburnt.
Standing by the Long Water at Hampton Court waiting for the fireworks, a nasty bitey thing attacked my leg. It was vicious and left a red spot with a purple ring you d it.
I love the summer weather, but I haven't particularly enjoyed the last few days!

hildajenniJ Fri 06-Jul-18 00:01:28

Ring round it. What's with kindle autocorrect?

Grandma70s Fri 06-Jul-18 06:00:35

After yet another wakeful night I feel as though I’ll go mad if this weather lasts much longer. Why do so many people like it? I try not to go out at all, but sometimes I have to.

I don’t have the right clothes, so I am permanently uncomfortable. The only time I feel reasonably all right is when I’m wearing a nightie, preferably lying on the bed with the fan on.

In 1976, another nightmare summer, I had two small fractious children, but at least I was young and fit. I hated the weather, but I coped better than now.

MawBroon Fri 06-Jul-18 07:12:33

Ah 1976 (and as I remember some of the summer of 1975) was another matter for me-living in a south-facing first floor flat in South London with no garden and no car to get to the relative fresh air of Wimbledon Common. We “escaped” to Herefordshire and then to Scotland to stay with the in laws but that heat was awful. Still, being young and with no alternative, we coped so I can cope now, no fractious toddler, a garden and trees , an airy house and Mini Magnums smile

ginny Fri 06-Jul-18 08:36:44

Loved the summer of ‘76 and loving this now. We were married in July ‘76. Saved a fortune on drink as everyone wanted long cold drinks of squash! Only drawback was that the first couple of days on our honey moon I was multi coloured from the dye of confetti that had been shoved down my neck !

JaneA Fri 06-Jul-18 09:24:40

Chewbacca - No not a chance! grin

Nelliemoser Fri 06-Jul-18 13:14:59

It is quite a bit cooler today 25C not 30C in the garden. I am also finding the heat really difficult and I am wilting.

OH brought down the big floor fan we bought several years ago. Now that does help indoors .

Luckylegs9 Fri 06-Jul-18 13:19:29

So nice to hear others feel the same as me. This heat floors me, it never used to. What I would give for a nights sleep.