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to think this is unacceptable?

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Peppermint Thu 12-Jul-18 14:46:41

Walking down the street to the shops yesterday and a young man just carelessly spat on the pavement and then carried on walking.

I was horrified that someone would do this in public, but sadly you see it all too often!

AIBU to think this is completely unacceptable??? angry

chix Thu 12-Jul-18 14:50:51

I hate this. It's so unhygienic and so unnecessary.

Moocow Thu 12-Jul-18 14:55:31

Totally agree. Used to be more common years ago didn't it? Footballers used to do it if i remember correctly and some sports people claim it builds up and becomes unavoidable though the footballers seem to have stopped.

Melanieeastanglia Thu 12-Jul-18 15:13:51

I agree with you. It is unhygienic. He could have swallowed it.

It is not like vomiting which is something you can't control. I remember once vomiting in the gutter while pregnant which sounds disgusting but there wasn't a choice.

sodapop Thu 12-Jul-18 15:36:24

I vomited in a stately home once, never seen or heard such a furore, alarms went off, doors closed automatically and I was hastily led out. It became a family joke.
I agree spitting is unnecessary and vile.

Anniebach Thu 12-Jul-18 15:40:03

Some boroughs have made it illegal, nasty, dirty thing to do, yuck

Sparklefizz Thu 12-Jul-18 15:57:37

Sadly the footballers have not stopped, Moocow. They were spitting last night during the England-Croatia match.

downtoearth Thu 12-Jul-18 16:23:05

Didnt it used to be illegal,in case of spreading TB

muffinthemoo Thu 12-Jul-18 16:23:57

Grosssssss 🤢🤮

AlieOxon Thu 12-Jul-18 16:28:42

I remember notices on the bus when I was going to school - 'DO NOT SPIT'

callgirl1 Thu 12-Jul-18 16:33:59

Makes me feel sick seeing it.

MissAdventure Thu 12-Jul-18 16:35:07

Filthy, disgusting habit!

GrannyLaine Thu 12-Jul-18 17:25:20

Totally unacceptable though I haven't seen it often. What I DO find revolting is men urinating in public. It has become increasingly common - never used to see it in my younger days.

anitamp1 Fri 13-Jul-18 10:03:10

Far too much uncouth rude behaviour around these days.

razzmatazz Fri 13-Jul-18 10:06:00

One used to be prosecuted for spitting and there were notices on buses etc. Vile thing to do.

MaggieMay69 Fri 13-Jul-18 10:07:16

Spitting is still very much a pastime of footballers still, but its not just because they have attitude lol, my Grandson plays football for his local team and teaches it, and he told me its because after footballers have been running for so long, they can actually be choked, and they need to clear their throat to get the air... many sportspeople do it, only you don't always see it.
In fact a lot of sportspersons are told not to drink energy drinks, but to swill them round their mouths and spit to give them the same effects.
Sorry, not much sleep so might not sound like I'm making much sense, but google it, my Grandson agreed with me when I told him its horrible to see people spitting, but he said there are two times its done, when they're playing sports, or because youngsters these days can't afford fags, so they are smoking more rollies and weed and the bits get stuck in their mouth, then it becomes a habit to constantly spit.
Gross. But can understand more the footballers doing it. x

Reddevil3 Fri 13-Jul-18 10:09:04

On the front in Blackpool (my first and only visit) in plain view of everybody, a girl squatted down and emptied her bladder. I was appalled. It was mid morning so alcohol probably didn't come into the equation.
What is happening to the world?

B9exchange Fri 13-Jul-18 10:10:29

But you don't see men spitting on the squash court, which is much more energetic? And surely even if it comes up from the lungs, there is no reason whatsoever not to swallow it, it won't do any harm?

Missfoodlove Fri 13-Jul-18 10:11:10

When I worked in a school the pupils spat all the time.
When I complained to the teaching staff I was told that unless they were spitting at me it was fine!!

chrishoops Fri 13-Jul-18 10:14:48

I have seen an even more disgusting habit that young men seem to do in public and that is to cover one nostril and then snort the contents of the other nostril onto the pavement! Yuk, so disgusting, makes me heave.

maddyone Fri 13-Jul-18 10:19:03

It’s disgusting.

gillyknits Fri 13-Jul-18 10:21:37

When we were in our teens we used to play a game called ‘If I was Queen of the world I would ban....’
Spitting was top of the list and the punishment beheading!

Aepgirl Fri 13-Jul-18 10:22:03

Disgusting habit - I blame the footballers. What's wrong with using a tissue?

optimist Fri 13-Jul-18 10:24:41

I worked in a Primary School where many of the men who visited (parents/carers) used to spit both in the playground and in the building. We did put up "No Spitting" notices in a range of languages but to no effect. Of course the little boys (pupils) then copied their elders and did the same, it was a running battle and they are probably still doing it.

Nanny123 Fri 13-Jul-18 10:27:55

It turns my stomach when I see people doing this in public