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Joelsnan Sun 05-Aug-18 15:59:03

I know i am becoming grumpy and pedantic in my old age but...

Quick quid Ad. Where they havent enough money to pay for a repair.
Why dont we see banks advertising, encouraging people to save to pay for unexpected repairs therefore incurring no high loan interest rates.

Tena Pads and similar. Why are there not similar ads for men?

I have more but will keep it brief

Are advertising execs so stupid or are we this gullible?

Jane10 Sun 05-Aug-18 16:12:10

You are being daft. It's all about money. If there's money in it and it's worth buying expensive time on TV they'll do it. If not, they won't, simples!

Chewbacca Sun 05-Aug-18 16:16:41

I watch very little t.v. these days, mainly because of the drivel that passes for entertainment these days. When I used to watch more regularly, some of the adverts were as entertaining as the programmes but not judging by some I've seen recently. The ones that irritate the bejaysus out of me are the ones that use personification and anthropomorphism to advertise speaking paint brushes; central heating boilers and women's clothes hanging in a wardrobe? Why do advertisers feel the need to infantilise their products to get their message across to adults? It really makes me cross! angry

Ilovecheese Sun 05-Aug-18 16:34:49

Joelsnan By a very strange coincidence I have just been watching "Foyle's War" on iplayer and there was an advert for "Tena for Men"

Jane10 Sun 05-Aug-18 16:44:00

They don't do anything unless it sells product. It's a multi million pound industry. If they infantilise the viewer that's because it works. No point in getting cross about it.

Maggiemaybe Sun 05-Aug-18 16:49:02

There’s nowt daft about being concerned for people caught up in the payday loans web. I’d like to see more government sponsored public information ads giving advice about Credit Unions etc. Though I suppose the problem is that few people actually watch adverts these days.

Is there as much call for Tena for men, though? confused

Joelsnan Sun 05-Aug-18 16:53:01

Tena for men, really!
Was that in Foyles War, or an ad between.
I was getting to the point of contacting the advertising standards agency smile

Joelsnan Sun 05-Aug-18 16:55:54


Is there as much call for Tena for men, though?

Apparently the problem is nearly as high as in women...its just not talked about blush

Maggiemaybe Sun 05-Aug-18 17:10:22

Blimey. You learn something new every day.

In that case, yes, bring on the ads!

rubytut Sun 05-Aug-18 17:12:12

Cannot stand most TV adverts and thankfully do not have to see them very often, however I really like the Mcdonalds ad for coffee.

I do not think TV advertising will continue long term as you can pay to watch without adverts as well as on demand, catch up etc. As the majority of us buy brands that we know, having seen an advert,it might encourage us to try products and food brands that are just as good but do not have the huge advertising budgets of the bigger brands.

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Sun 05-Aug-18 17:14:25

Joelsnana, we're going to be running a survey very soon on some ways advertising get it wrong so please add anything else you can think of, especially how they missell, ignore or patronise people over a certain age. But also, as you mention, the different ways they approach men and women. Be really useful to hear where else they could improve.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 05-Aug-18 17:23:45

I tend to record anything which may have adverts. Then I can just fast forward through them!!!

I hate the gambling ones, the hair products that will give you perfect style (not with my "locks) and the stupid ones for perfume.

Melanieeastanglia Sun 05-Aug-18 17:26:48

I am not keen on adverts for gambling or payday loans as I think it encourages people to lose money or get in terrible debt.

Maggiemaybe Sun 05-Aug-18 17:58:51

Same here, Melanie. I was surprised that so many for gambling were allowed during the World Cup broadcasts, when a lot of impressionable youngsters would be watching.

JenniferEccles Sun 05-Aug-18 19:20:47

Some though are very entertaining aren't they?

I LOVE the Specsavers one where a vet thinks he has got a cat with no pulse, only for it to be his veterinary nurse's fur hat! There is a brilliant piece at the end where the camera switches to the cat giving him a very funny look!

Actually now I come to think if it, there have been a few funny Specsavers ones.

glammanana Sun 05-Aug-18 20:22:13

JE I also think the Specsavers Ads are brilliant specially the cat advert you have quoted.grin
Aldi do some good ones specially the older lady on their Gin advert a while ago very funny.

Jalima1108 Sun 05-Aug-18 21:04:59

It's the very rich celebrities who feel the need to advertise dubious financial schemes to part the gullible and possibly not-very-well-off with their money that really annoy me.

I do think the Specsavers adverts are brilliant though!! I like the one with the shepherd who sheared the sheepdog!

MissAdventure Sun 05-Aug-18 21:47:28

I like the haribo adverts, with children's voices on adults. smile

stella1949 Mon 06-Aug-18 02:30:15

Men certainly do need Tena pads - though I'd say that ladies would be the majority of their customers. We are much more likely to get incontinence than men - unfair isn't it.

sodapop Mon 06-Aug-18 06:57:02

I like the Specsavers ads as well. One ad which really annoys me is for a mattress and depicts a person being conned, the person is an older lady. I have complained that this is both ageist and sexist grrrr

Grampie Mon 06-Aug-18 09:55:49

We record our favourite ITV, C4 etc shows so we can then FF through the ads.

Better to avoid than to sit there to be treated as idiots.

Squiffy Mon 06-Aug-18 10:07:51

For me, along with all the above observations, I'm fed up with the length of the ads and ad breaks.

I can't help feeling that if the ads were shorter and there were fewer of them during a programme/film, then we might actually watch them rather than either wandering off to make a cuppa or simply record and FF.

I must be wrong, though, or the advertising execs wouldn't still be doing it!

maryhoffman37 Mon 06-Aug-18 10:12:03

I have hardly ever seen an ad I liked, though I don't mind the Morrison's ones.

Blinko Mon 06-Aug-18 10:12:29

I deplore the way unhealthy food is advertised. I'm thinking of, for instance, buckets of chicken nuggets. Who on earth eats these things? Would you? Would I? Not on your nelly! And if they do, what other sort of rubbish do they consume, one wonders.

Worthingpatchworker Mon 06-Aug-18 10:15:46

It is a great shame that Tena....other brands are available....don't also advise people to seek medical help. Pelvic floor exercise can go some way to not needing pads.
So....I agree......advertising should include proper advice to resolve issues.