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Loujoamk Mon 06-Aug-18 14:47:32

Waiting for tradesmen to visit to review bathroom refurbishment ! Absolutely furious and fed up with tradesmen who think that a single middle aged woman is an ‘easy’ target and think they can ‘ take the pi**’
List includes
1. Chipped shower tray
2. Temperature control on new shower not working
3. Leak - had cheek to phone me and ask where I thought it was coming from - living room wall will need to be repainted !
4. Fitted different light from one requested - he thought it was nicer!!!
5. Mirror not isolated so can’t be used independently of main light ( top of range mirror with Bluetooth speakers for teenagers)
6.several cosmetic / poor finishing.

This is as well as having numerous phone calls asking for balance of payment - they left my house at 10pm on Friday night and manager wanted money transferred that night before anything had been checked or tested - tried to pressurise me with emotional blackmail saying two guys who did the work needed their wages !!! When I identified the problems on Saturday morning he then passed my phone number to his workmen to call me! When I called manager to complain about phone calls and arrange a visit he said ‘ Oh I understand why you are upset because you are a SINGLE woman getting calls from guys ‘

Fortunately - I have an ensuite so my two teenage girls were able to have shower etc. I still owe them £2K - paid 40% deposit to cover materials etc.

Why do tradesmen do this ? My brother in law offered to come today before they visit - so sweet of him but just reinforces the male view of ‘helpless women’. I am furious !!! Sorry for the rant ??

ninathenana Mon 06-Aug-18 15:16:05

Rant away, from what you say you have just cause.

Bluegal Mon 06-Aug-18 15:25:30

Stick to your guns - no payment until job done to your satisfaction and specification. Did you use a reputable firm or a firm offering cut price? Sometimes paying less ends up more as have found out to my cost ?. Oh and yes I’ve had the emotional blackmail too. I refused to listen although was a bit scared they may have sought revenge of some sort. Thankfully they just finished the job and then got paid in full. If possible record any threatening calls. It’s not legal apparently but neither is intimidation and threats. Don’t give in !!!

kathsue Mon 06-Aug-18 15:26:00

I understand your anger and frustration. I've been on my own for 11 years and I get so fed up of being treated like a helpless old lady who can't possibly understand building work.
I don't have any advice really except to stick to your guns and maybe try Trading standards or one of those TV programmes (cowboy builders) if the situation gets any worse.
Best of luck.

Oldwoman70 Mon 06-Aug-18 15:27:25

This makes me so angry. Since being on my own I have experienced similar treatment, not showing up when they say, leaving early and not doing the job they expect payment for. My DH was self employed and would never have treated any customer (male or female) that way.

FlexibleFriend Mon 06-Aug-18 16:37:04

You have my sympathy. I think the mention of trading standards should spur them into action. I've spent a whole week getting quotes from reputable companies to replace my conservatory roof. I've become accustomed to being spoken to as if I'm stupid. I kept my composure although did show one the door rather prematurely as his quote was laughable. Well not that funny but £10k more than all the others. I survived that and now have to smile while every query I raise is explained as though I'm 5. I'm no surveyor but even I can see when things are missing from the drawings. I'm not being awkward I just want it to go right first time, no hiccups. I don't want to upset anyone but please I'm an adult whose forking out a huge sum of money and I'd like to be treated as such. Trouble is the guy I dealt with originally was very on the ball, had all the answers and owns the company, he got the sale and I've now passed on to the surveyor who is seriously getting on my wick but hopefully his part is nearly done and I'll be dealing with the builders. The problem is he's so busy chatting and being friendly he's not listening and I have to keep repeating myself. I've followed it all up with a polite but to the point email and hope that's enough.
I was going to ask for a quote for some further work but I'm holding fire on that at the mo.

Melanieeastanglia Mon 06-Aug-18 16:57:45

Stick to your guns! Don't pay the £2K until job finished properly.